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It’s National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week, Reader! Grab a glass of 🍊 orange, 🍅 tomato, or 🍍 pineapple juice today.

In today’s edition:

  • Today's 👉 Tip of the Day is for LinkedIn

  • 🔥 A less is more social strategy

  • Sponsored Articles for 🟦 LinkedIn

  • Meta’s new 🤳 Creator Management Tool

  • 📣 Additional industry news from Instagram and X/Twitter

Are you stuck for new LinkedIn post ideas? Looking for something to help you stand out and draw the right connections to you? LinkedIn may be where businesses do business, but the people behind those businesses do business with people.

3 LinkedIn Post Ideas to Establish Your Identity

  • Share your career journey and how you got where you are today.

  • Explain how you dealt with a difficult customer.

  • Tell people about a cause or charity your business supports and invite others to get involved. 

Today's tip is inspired by Michaela Alexis, a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World. Source: LinkedIn

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Social Posting Strategy: Building Community and Connection

Developing a community on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can provide huge benefits for business owners beyond just publishing content. By strategically creating different posts to raise awareness, provide more details, and make personal connections, you can attract loyal followers who engage with your brand and eventually become customers.  

The goal of this social media strategy is to reach and engage the right potential customers without having to constantly publish content.

You can post 3–4 times per week or you can post daily, cycling through the following three types of posts, below. This will allow you to balance posting with time to engage with your community and run your business.

Use Awareness Posts to Reach a Wide Audience

Start by creating "awareness posts" that spark interest by mentioning a common problem your target audience faces. For example, a post could say "Is your website outdated? Here's a quick tip to make it look modern." The goal is to intrigue people so they want to learn more. These posts should use features of each platform that get a high reach, like Instagram Reels.

Follow Awareness Posts With Elaboration Posts 

Next, create "elaboration posts" that provide more details on the topic. This could be a long-form article, video, or other content giving tips, product capabilities, or showing you using a solution. The goal is to demonstrate your expertise so people see you as a trusted resource to solve their struggles.

Connect Personally With Community Posts

The last step is "community posts" where you share stories about your own experiences related to the topic. This allows your personality and passions to come through so followers feel a personal connection. For example, post about overcoming a business challenge or describe interacting with a satisfied customer.  

Move Fans Toward Purchasing Your Products or Services  

With each post, thoughtfully respond to user comments and questions to further the conversation. This shows followers you value them and makes them more likely to ultimately convert to a customer when you slowly transition the discussion toward what products or services you offer to address their needs.

Today's advice is provided with insights from Katie Brinkley, a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World.


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🗞 Instagram Story Uploads: You can now cancel a story upload. Source: @theahmedghanem via Threads

🗞 Sponsored Articles on LinkedIn: LinkedIn has introduced a new sponsored article feature that allows companies to promote articles written directly on the LinkedIn platform. Companies can now take existing LinkedIn posts and pay to sponsor them for increased visibility. Additionally, sponsored articles on LinkedIn enable comments directly from logged-in members, provide a smooth user experience by keeping readers on-site, and can be used to generate leads without directing users away from LinkedIn. For now, only articles written by official company accounts are eligible for sponsorship, but LinkedIn plans to build more functionality around sponsored content this year. Source: LinkedIn

🗞 Meta's Creator Management Tool: Meta has launched a new Creator Management Tools feature within Meta Business Suite. This centralized tool is designed to facilitate the management of creator-agency relationships on Facebook. It allows agencies to connect with creators' accounts, streamlining onboarding and oversight. For agencies that manage many content creators, the tools provide several benefits: easy scaling of creator management through simplified permissions and asset linking, optimized payout processing by directing earnings to the agency's account, and increased security by eliminating credential sharing. The key functionality of the tools includes permission management, access control, revenue linking to consolidate payments, migrating existing connections, terminating relationships, and providing insights into earnings data. Meanwhile, creators gain an Agency Management Tools dashboard to review and manage relationships with agencies. Overall, the new Creator Management Tools feature aims to simplify how agencies and creators collaborate within Meta's platforms. By linking accounts and centralizing management, they allow both parties to focus on their core strengths. Source: Meta

🗞 Audio and Video Calls on X/Twitter: Elon Musk's social network X has introduced a new feature allowing users to make audio and video calls directly within the Android app. The calling feature enables paid X subscribers to place calls while all users can receive them. Users can control calling permissions by enabling/disabling the feature in Settings and selecting which groups (people in their address book, people they follow, and verified users) can call them. This new addition builds on X's growing list of premium features aimed at paid subscribers, although it recently removed the ability for paying users to showcase NFT profile pictures. Overall, direct calling gives X users, especially paid ones, another way to communicate within the app. It also provides more privacy controls around who can contact you as the platform continues evolving its premium offerings and functionalities. Source: TechCrunch


Did You Know?

Mickey Mouse’s original name was Mortimer Mouse.

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