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It’s 🥔 Tater Tot Day, Reader! Crispy tater tots, 😋 mmmm…

In today’s edition:

  • Today's 👉 Tip of the Day is for influencer marketing

  • Analyzing 📺 YouTube video performance

  • New website 🔎 tracking features from LinkedIn

  • 👓 Search tags for visibility on X/Twitter

  • 📣 Additional industry news from Pinterest, Threads, and more

Want to improve the effectiveness of your influencer-led campaigns? When selecting influencers for marketing campaigns, it is important to look beyond reach and engagement numbers. 

Identify Influencers Who Embrace Diverse Conversations

You’re not looking for someone who only reposts brand content. An influencer's content should spark genuine engagement and dialogue with their audience. 

Within this conversational context, it is crucial to seek out influencers who not only feature diverse voices but also engage in diverse conversations. 

Their authenticity will resonate with their community and evoke participation, giving your brand meaningful exposure that leads to genuine consumer interest.

Today's tip is inspired by Justin Levy, a featured speaker at Social Media Marketing World. Source: LinkedIn

Need a Good Short-Form Video Strategy? 

You know short-form video is important to your content strategy, but maybe you've resisted getting started.  

That means you're missing out on a huge audience that loves consuming video content.

If you're ready to get started with video—or want to level up your current video strategy—then consider attending Social Media Marketing World in a few weeks. 

Not only will you learn video strategies that get results, but you'll also discover how to use tools, like AI, to quickly and easily make great videos. 

Yes! I need a new video strategy.

3 Ways to Perform Advanced YouTube Analysis With Groups

Looking for advanced insights in YouTube Studio? Want to analyze groups of YouTube videos based on content categories or funnels rather than playlists?

In YouTube Studio, groups are collections of videos you can create from your channel's Analytics tab. Not sure where to start? Try grouping your YouTube videos by:

  • Campaigns

  • Funnel stages

  • Video formats (i.e., shorts versus full-length videos)

  • Topics (i.e., behind the scenes, explainers, or lifestyle)

  • Content styles

  • Thumbnail designs

  • Hook concepts

  • End screen formats

Where Are Viewers Finding This Content?

When you create groups of videos, you can monitor traffic sources over time and see whether certain sites or search engines are continuing to drive clicks.

For example, say the videos in your group typically drive a ton of traffic via YouTube search. If you notice that the platform's native search engine is driving decreasing amounts of traffic to your content, it may be a signal that your content isn't optimized for YouTube search. It could also mean that the topic or keywords don't have much search volume, which may warrant revisiting your YouTube SEO strategy.

On the other hand, you might notice that another traffic source like browse features or channel pages is suddenly driving much more traffic to your content. On the main Analytics tab, you can check traffic source data for individual videos in the group. Then, you can figure out where the extra views are coming from—like a playlist that features your video or a video that suggests your content.

Are Thumbnail or Shorts Feed Impressions Increasing or Decreasing?

YouTube search and suggested videos can be valuable sources of traffic. But as your channel grows and subscribers engage with your content, it will ideally generate more impressions on viewers' home pages and in the Shorts feed.

You can track both of these metrics using group-level reports. Keep in mind that the Impressions report is primarily designed for long-form content, as it reflects thumbnail impressions on YouTube home pages. Thumbnail impressions usually result from viewers subscribing to your channel or YouTube recommending your videos, both of which can indicate positive engagement.

The Shown in Feed report is designed for short-form content, as it reflects impressions in the Shorts feed, which often indicates that YouTube is recommending your content.

For even more useful insights, use the Viewed versus Swiped Away report to see how often viewers are opting to watch your videos after they see them in the feed. If this metric is trending downward, you're likely to see fewer views over time, which can lead to negative growth.

Is This Content Successfully Generating Views From Clips and Remixes?

If your video groups include a lot of long-form content, you might use YouTube's Native Clips tool to make the content more digestible for your audience. You can now track the number of views and total watch time from clips for any group. If you find that clips are becoming a viable source of views for your channel, you might consider making them a more integral part of your strategy.

Monitoring remixes can also help you understand how the group of videos resonates with your target audience. If you're finding that the number of remixes is steadily climbing for the group, it's a sign that viewers are responding to your content. You can track remixes for specific videos from the main Analytics screen, where you can dive deeper into creator sentiment.

Today's advice is provided with insights from Anna Sonnenberg.


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🗞 LinkedIn Website Actions: LinkedIn has introduced a new offering called Website Actions to simplify website tracking for B2B marketers. Website Actions allows marketers to use LinkedIn's Insight Tag to capture user actions on their website automatically without additional coding. This empowers marketers to gain insights into buyer behavior, create targeted ad audiences based on specific on-site actions, and accurately measure campaign impact. Source: LinkedIn

🗞 Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide 2024: Pinterest has released a new "Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide" specifically for brands and marketers looking to optimize their Pinterest campaigns. The 26-page report digs deeper into the trends outlined in Pinterest's annual predictions report with additional insights and recommendations tailored to brands. Source: Pinterest

🗞 Threads Downloads Triple: Instagram's private messaging app Threads saw a major resurgence in December 2023, tripling its monthly downloads to 28 million. This growth comes after Threads stalled in 2022. The spike is attributed to Facebook ads and Threads' expansion into the "fediverse" social network ecosystem. Meanwhile, in December, Instagram took the #1 spot for most app downloads, overtaking TikTok. This could indicate that users are tired of TikTok's eCommerce features and are turning to Instagram's Reels instead. Twitter's rebranded app X continued to struggle despite attempted rebranding efforts. Source: TechCrunch

🗞 UMG Catalog Muted on TikTok: Universal Music Group (UMG) has begun removing the music catalogs of the artists it represents, including major stars like Taylor Swift, Drake, and Olivia Rodrigo, from TikTok after license renewal negotiations between UMG and TikTok broke down earlier this week. The previous licensing agreement expired on January 31st. As a result, TikTok will now mute UMG music featured in TikTok videos, requiring users to select alternative music options from other labels to replace the removed UMG content. Source: The Verge

🗞 Search Tags Rollout to X/Twitter: Community admins on Platform X now can boost the visibility of their communities by adding relevant search tags when editing their communities on the web interface. This new feature allows admins to tag their communities with keywords that will help surface their community in recommendations and search results for those terms. The announcement stresses that updating these search tags can greatly improve search visibility, enabling communities to appear for searches they did not previously rank for. Community admins are encouraged to update their communities' search tags to take full advantage of this new capability. Source: X/Twitter


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