Create brand photos that increase sales & press

We’re sitting down to write this on the tails of our Tweak & Edit PR Review workshop. Hello to everyone who was there!

In a dizzying 90 minutes, we reviewed three creative businesses’ websites and assets, did a lighting round with business improvement tips for 20+ more companies, and answered questions on everything from pop-ups, to Instagram feeds, to PR strategy.

We’re thrilled that everyone who joined us found it clear and super helpful as you gear up for your 2024 PR and business goals.

AND, since good PR, asset, and website advice applies to everyone. You can also get access to the workshop recording here.

Below is just a bit of the feedback we got :)

Show, Don't Tell

A *free* Workshop to Level Up
Your Brand Photos

Don’t worry, we’re not becoming a workshop-only newsletter, these two just happen to be really valuable to do right at the beginning of the year!

You’ve heard us go on and on about the importance of photography—to get media attention, grow fans and customers, and increase brand awareness.

So, we’re bringing in a photography & branding expert for a free workshop all about creating brand photos that increase your sales in 2024.

A little story- when we started talking to Sandra about this workshop, we noticed a familiar business in her roster of clients—Pooja Pawaskar, sculptor,  artist and founder of Whirl & Whittle. We’re huge fans of Pooja’s work. More than that, we reference her photography *all the time* when we’re giving branding and photography advice to creative businesses.

We were sold! If Pooja based her brand photos on Sandra’s teachings, we were sure this would be a great workshop for you!

Save my spot!

PR Wins

Faye Bell’s new series of wallpaper—
Rattan in CA Home + Design

Faye worked with us on a Tweak & Edit PR Review and made stellar updates to her website and assets. She then went on to do our Custom Media List & Opportunities Kit and has been securing top-tier media features ever since!

Read the CA Design + Home feature below here.

If you’ve worked with us and want to be featured here, please send your wins to

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Nora & Kirsten

*** PS- We’re still compiling a list of people who are interested in 2x monthly group coaching.

Reply to this email and let us know if you’d like to get on the waitlist. We don’t have a ton of slots since we want to keep the group small!  ***

How to work with us

If you want to get great at telling your story, for more
press and more clients, we can help!

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