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This PR tip is timely because Mother’s Day pitching is just around the corner!

Like we’ve said, the most important part of your pitch isn’t even in the pitch.

It’s the subject line.

Editors will decide to open your email, or send it straight to the trash, based on the subject line.

You’re in part 3-of-11 of our subject lines newsletter series.

In each edition you’ll see the subject line we *actually used* that an editor *actually opened*, ultimately leading to press for one of our Wolf PR clients.

For each winner, you’ll also see a subject line that most editors would delete.

Sprezz in Food Network’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Read it here.

Do- keep the subject line simple.

When the pitch is simple, keep the pitch subject line simple.

If you're wondering how to write email subject lines for a straightforward holiday roundup, don’t overthink it.

Sometimes you’re simply pitching a product that is a good Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day gift, and that’s okay.

The last thing you want to do is create a subject line that is catchy but misleading. Editors get product pitches all the time and it’s what they go to for gifting round-ups, for example.

Don’t- pitch multiple holidays at once.

Editors work on editorial calendars.

What does this mean?

Mother’s Day Gifts article is due to come out in a blog on April 20th, an editor will likely start working on it 1-2 months ahead of time.

This means, if you want to get featured in their Mother’s Day round up, you’d send your pitch Mid-Feb to Early-March. That’s way too late for a Valentine’s Day pitch and way too early for a 4th of July Pitch.

Pitching for one specific holiday at the right time tells an editor you know what you’re doing and that you’re helpful because you’re sending them the right information right when they need it.

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Set your biz up for more press, sales, and opportunities with our newest mini course, here!

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