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“Our focus is on empowering our clients, many of whom are small, independent, women-led businesses to take charge of their PR needs independently. It's about working with businesses that are at the cusp of breaking through.

In 2020 there was a big reckoning in the media. Publications in the design industry that had historically featured largely established, white, male-led brands and business, started making commitments to showcase more diverse voices. And while progress was made, the underlying pathways to media access did not evolve alongside.

Yes, the media has improved in its efforts to feature smaller companies, but we still see two big barriers to entry: 1) retainer PR firms are not affordable; and 2) the PR process is often a mystery to small businesses trying to do media outreach on their own. Media coverage has largely remained an exclusive club for well-established and well-funded businesses who can afford retainer PR services.

Given this scenario, we founded Wolf Craft to make PR more accessible to independent businesses by building a suite of PR services that fit within smaller budgets, can scale up or down, and build on themselves.”

We’re really proud of everything we’ve built. Thanks for coming along with us so far, and stay tuned! We’re just getting started.

Show, Don't Tell

How to Create a High Impact Press Page

Press coverage builds credibility in your industry and with potential clients. So, you want to extract as much value out of these hits as possible.

Share your press wins on your social media and in your newsletter. AND feature them on your website with a highly visual press page!

Now, you may be wondering… but how do I make one.

What’s a good example of a high impact press page?

Can’t I just use a list of links or logos? (ummmm no.)

Good news for you, dear reader. We culled the best best press pages. Complete with tips for your business.

Check out two examples below and all 7 press pages in our full post.

See our favorite press pages + get more tips for yours!

PR Wins

A stellar press page from
one of our favorite clients

You may have noticed that we’ve been tooting Faye Bell’s horn in our Wins section recently. Well, that’s for good reason. She’s one of our most successful DIY PR clients to date!

Here’s how it went…

In March of 2023, she did our Tweak & Edit PR Review. Following our advice, made tweaks to her website to ensure it was ready for editors eyes.

Then in May of 2023, she signed up for our Media List & Outreach Kit. All set with a vetted custom list, pitch templates, and a few 1-1 sessions, Faye started pitching top design outlets herself.

Press Page Tip: For print press hits, incorporate both the magazine cover and your feature spread.

The Restoration Hardware example above includes a great example of how to capture print press when you have the physical magazine to photograph.

But what if you only have the digital PDF?

For Faye’s two print features, she composed the press feature and magazine cover into a simple graphic. This is another great way to emphasize that ever-so- coveted print press!

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Nora & Kirsten

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