Back to the office terrible for the environment? ⚠️

A short open letter to LinkedIn...

Dear LinkedIn, 

We do like you, it's a great platform to network, learn, and often find jobs.

But can you all put a system in place that removes jobs if they are falsely advertised to being remote? There's gotta be a better way to detect that or vet it first.

Our fingers are tired of reporting jobs labeled "remote" that are actually hybrid. And remote jobseekers are tired of wasting time on "bait and switch" jobs.

Please and thanks! πŸ™

If you do see falsely advertised remote jobs on LinkedIn, do your part to report it. All fellow remote job seekers will thank you. 

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Quick note: Special thanks to our friends over at Remofirst for being our sponsor to kick off the year. Remofirst is the all-in-one platform to hire, pay, and manage remote employees from anywhere in the world with one click. Available in 180+ countries. Learn more here

Articles to Read πŸ“š

Carefully curated remote work content and career tips that we think are worth a read. You'll find our own recent content, plus interesting articles from around the web. 

πŸ“ How to Stay Organized When You Work at Home (RWJ)
πŸ“ 15 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Interviews for Jobs (RWJ)
πŸ“ Disney World Theme Parks Are Becoming Remote Working Hotspots (BI)
πŸ“ Forcing Workers Back to the Office Could Be Terrible for the Environment (MJ)
RemoHealth: Give Global Employees the Health Insurance They Deserve πŸ‘‹

RemoHealth is a part of the Remofirst offering that allows clients of Remofirst to provide personalized, international private medical insurance with some of the best coverage in the world.

Remofirst partners with The Unisure Group which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and insured by Guardrisk Insurance Company. RemoHealth plans are available in more than 180 countries, and guarantees:

Learn more about the health coverage and options your company can provide distributed and remote employees around the world

Remote Jobs to Check Out πŸ†•

In the market for a career change? We got you fam! Check out these select remote gigs from our job board that caught our eye. 

πŸ”₯ Head of Partnerships (SafetyWing)
πŸ”₯ Sr. Product Marketing Manager (Zapier)
πŸ”₯ Director, Engineering (dbt Labs)
πŸ“ Senior Content Designer (Kraken)
πŸ“ Content Marketing Manager (G2)
πŸ“ Sr. Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager (GitLab)
πŸ“ Business Intelligence Analyst (ClickUp)
πŸ“ Customer Support Specialist (beehiiv)
πŸ“ Social Media Specialist (Omni Creator Products)
πŸ“ Technial QA Analyst (Gymdesk)
πŸ“ Customer Support Specialist (Reconstruct Inc)
πŸ“ SEO Specialist (TestGorilla)
πŸ“ Talent Manager (Float)

Looking for more awesome remote jobs or want to post remote jobs for your company? Head over to the Remote Junkie Job Board to get started.  Our job board is growing! 😎

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