Backstory: One thing that I miss about walking through the streets is street performers. From places like the beach where artists draw caricatures and bands that play impromptu covers, the randomness and creativity gave life to communities. 

These artists no longer have the ability to earn a living and this presents an opportunity to cash in on the supply in a two-sided marketplace.

The Idea: Door to door performer marketplace.

Deep Dive: You would build a marketplace to match street performers to customers. Street performers make their living from tips. Your marketplace would charge customers a small fee that you would take as platform fees and the performers would be paid in tips. 

You would ideally create a route for the performers to stop at multiple places with the shortest distance traveled. 

To capture the demand side of the marketplace, you should target special events like birthdays and holidays.

Validation: Since COVID, I have seen neighbors have local small concerts in our cul de sac. 

Monetization: You would take the majority of the booking fee. You could charge a very small amount as the performers are paid in tips. As you grow, you could pay the performers a small fixed amount to cover gas and minimal expenses incase they aren't tipped. The ideal scenario is where you advertise the performers are paid in tips but you'd have to test and make sure that aspect works to keep your supply (performers) happy and treated fairly.

Steps to Launch: I would niche down into something like caricatures and target kid's birthday parties. You could start by advertising on craiglist. As you coordinate your first bookings, you'd learn from any issues and be better equipped to build out a custom solution.