Backstory: Recently our boat trailer hub snapped. Yes, I hit nicked (smashed) a curb but still... we were stranded on the side of the road. I ended up watch 50-55 minutes of youtube videos and eventually fixed the trailer but I would have paid for some immediate help.

This got me thinking to an idea similar to but for specialized manual labor jobs.

The Idea: Call a trade school expert. 

Deep Dive: You would build a two-sided marketplace for users to connect with trade school specialist to solve their problems pertaining to plumbing, automobile and electric issues. You would facilitate the virtual call and the sourcing/finding of the specialist. Given the current state of the world (covid), people are more likely to have someone phone them and walk them through an issue than wait and have someone come to their house/location.

Validation: does this for business professionals and pro tips is a mobile app that caters to handymen (carpenters)

Monetization: You would take a cut of the per connection fee.

Steps to Launch: I would niche down into something lucrative like boating. The barrier to buy a boat is ~$10k and customers want their issues solved immediately and have the cash to pay. You would target facebook and boat forums and post your app when someone has an issue. I would stick with one specific city and branch out as you validate the market.