Backstory: Booking and paying for others time is going to become more popular as we move more remote. Currently if you want to sell a block of time, you have to setup a sales landing page using something like gumroad, configure the zoom call to be private and gate your content using something like teachable. If you want to auto email attendees, it becomes even more complicated. This is a space that is very disjointed and an all-in-one platform is ripe to dominate this space.

The Idea: Platform for people to sell and book their time.

Deep Dive: Similar to shopify, you'll build a platform where someone can host and sell their time. Additionally they can manage their bookings, email attendees and have the platform manage the video chat system. We've seen Zoom emerge as the winner for small businesses and individuals in the video chat space. Zoom does a poor job of giving a landing page for people to "hang out" on before the meeting and view/verify details about the meeting. 

Your platform would allow users to manage their zoom booking (attendees, landing page, auto-password protect), sell time slots, gate content, provide basic email services and function as a CRM.

Validation: People are piecing together this platform using tools mentioned above like gumroad and paypal.

Monetization: Similar to shopify, you would have a basic subscription fee and capture a percentage of revenue.

Steps to Launch: This one is fairly feature rich to launch an mvp. I would tackle the landing page portion of zoom first. This is painful feature missing from zoom and can provide immediate value for customers. As you gain customers, you can build out the other features like payments and gating content.