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Director Ava Duvernay interviews Angela Davis on this moment – and what came before: "Global capitalism has to be a part of the conversation. Privatization is why the hospitals were so unprepared for COVID-19, because they function in accordance with the dictates of capital. They don’t want to have extra beds because then that means that they aren’t generating the profit. And why is it that they’re asking children to go back to school? It’s because of the economy. We’re in a depression now, so they’re willing to sacrifice the lives of so many people in order to keep global capitalism functioning." >> Full Story

The Nigerian woman who brought her trafficker to justice: Thousands of young women leave home in Nigeria every year on the promise of a good job in Europe, only to be trapped by debt and forced into prostitution. But one joined forces with investigators in Italy to expose the traffickers. >> Full Story

Female athletes strike for Jacob Blake: Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times by a police officer earlier this week. His sister gave a two-minute speech to the media: "Don't be sorry — because this has been happening to my family for a long time, longer than I can account for...I don't want your pity. I want change." In solidarity with protests across the US, female players are protesting on and off the court. Players of the WNBA's Washington Mystics each wore a white T-shirt printed with seven bullet holes on the back, and world champion tennis star Naomi Osaka delayed her semifinals match at the 2020 Western & Southern Open. >> Full Story 

NGO-London-Government intern, WFP
NGO-London-Legal associate, Open Society
NGO-London-Blogger, Black Lives Matter
Tech-London-Health fellow, Full Fact
Tech-London-Spanish news curator, Twitter

Art-NYC-African art curator, Brooklyn Museum
Media-Sacramento-Editorial intern, POLITICO
Media-NYC-Writer, Morning Brew
Media-Remote-Editorial intern, NYTimes
NGO-Remote-Associate, Third Wave Fund
NGO-Remote-Assistant, Elevate Children
Ed-Remote-Three Strikes Fellow, Stanford Law

Ed-Milan-Intern, Bocconi
Tech-Genoa-Partnerships, Too Good To Go
Research-Turin-Business analyst, LINKS
NGO-Florence-Children + tech, UNICEF
NGO-Rome-Gender coordinator, WeWorld
Architecture-Naples-Jr collaborator, 2D4
NGO-Berlin-Climate intern, PlanAdapt
NGO-Berlin-Media, Human Rights Watch
NGO-Islamabad-Consultant, Malala Fund

NGO-Associate, Mariam Assefa Fund

NGO-Geneva-Human rights assistant, OHCHR

NGO-Tech, law, and policy fellowship, Wikimedia 
NGO-Legal fellow, Muslim Advocates
NGO-Shot@life comms associate, UN Foundation
NGO-Policy intern, Mariam Assefa Fund
NGO-UN advocacy, Human Rights Watch
NGO-Fellowships to women from developing/emerging countries to pursue PhD or Post-doctoral research in STEM fields at leading universities worldwide, Schlumberger

This week on Instagram we're loving @hazel.mead, a feminist illustrator whose impressive client list includes Netflix and Amnesty – one of her most popular illustrations right now is Things You Don't See In Mainstream Porn.  

Alia Youssef’s photography focuses on diversity in media. She’s especially passionate about highlighting the stories and cultures of Muslim women. Youssef’s The Sisters Project aims to push back against negative assumptions regarding Muslim women.

Meghan Markle in conversation with Gloria Steinem.

The incredible story of a young Nigerian-Italian nurse that is making COVID-19 testing possible at home for thousands of Italians – the article is in Italian but if you can Google translate we highly recommend reading!

A new project from Elle "The State of Black Beauty" kicks off with Tracee Ellis Ross in conversation with Kerry Washington and with 20 women reflecting on their own Black hair stories.

How the satanic temple could bring abortion rights to the supreme court. 

Stephanie Thomas, a fashion stylist with a “non-severe disability” (in her own words), created disability fashion styling platform Cur8able to use fashion and adaptive clothing to include, celebrate, and empower other individuals with disabilities. Her system works with brands to encourage inclusivity and with individuals to “co-create” outfits and styles. 

A virtual exhibit from National Geographic "Women: A Century of Change." 

Elena Ferrante (the Italian novelist behind My Brilliant Friend, among other incredible books) is perhaps the world's most elusive author; she rarely agrees to an interview, and when she does it's all exclusively via email. In this fascinating new interview, she answers questions about her new novel The Lying Life of Adults from readers around the world.

Dope Labs is a podcast run by two close friends and female scientists of no-color: Dr. Titi Shodiya and Dr. Zakiya Whatley. The two met in 2011 at Duke's grad school, Zakiya for a PhD in Genetics and Genomics, and Titi for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. Their friendship and shared love of making science "for everyone" inspired them to begin what is, as the name *subtly hints* at, a DOPE podcast – one that's been included across the web in articles featuring must-hear black women hosted podcasts.

The show makes science easily accessible by merging pop-culture with science, while also addressing racism and sexism in STEM: "It's intentionally designed for people who are most often left out from the scientific narrative. So that's women, people of color; So we try to center what's going on in those communities." 

Something truly special about their work is how much love they give not just to the series itself but to building fun complementing resources. On their website, for example, you'll find "Cheat Sheets" for each episode with print-worthy graphics bringing together core topics from the episodes. We recommend starting with Lab 28: There's Something In The Water on climate change's impact on oceans or Lab 26: What About Your Friends? exploring the psychology behind being a good friend. 

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