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Sex workers at the frontlines – a dialogue across borders: Although sex worker groups operate on shoestring budgets, they provide crucial services that fill gaps in governments' responses to the crisis. Learn how they're responding to the crisis, along with the most recent data collected by the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in EU. ➞ Register

Teenager helps Polish women flee abuse with fake cosmetics website: Krysia Paszko, a 17-year-old high school student, created a Facebook page at the start of the pandemic for a fake cosmetics company that has now helped hundreds flee domestic violence. Since then, psychologists, lawyers, and volunteers, have joined Paszko to support the flood of requests. ➞ Full Story
Global fund to support black feminists launches to public: The initiative is a milestone moment and movement not just for the philanthropic sector but the world at large. The purpose of the fund is to increase resources available to Black feminist movements globally, strengthening their resilience, and creating an unprecedented funding mechanism connecting Black women donors to grassroots Black feminist civil society. ➞ Watch 

North America 
NGO-Remote-Policy & media fellow, National Hispanic Media
NGO-Remote-Partner relations associate, QuestBridge 
NGO-Remote-Personal assistant, Nadia's Initiative
NGO-Remote-Associate comms director, Trans Lifeline
NGO-Remote-Fall intern (disability public policy), The Arc
NGO-Remote-Policy associate, The Arc
NGO-Multiple-Jr social media coordinator, Color of Change
Philanthropy-Remote-Ops associate, Indigenous Peoples Fund
Media-NY-Data science intern, Buzzfeed
Media-NY-Research analyst, New York Times
NGO-SF-Consultant for South Asia young women's
leadership initiative, Global Fund for Women
NGO-DC-Ops associate, Malala Fund
Philanthropy-Ontario-Admin, Equality Fund
NGO-Toronto-Organizer, Migrant Workers Alliance for Change
NGO-Nanaimo-Sexual assault response program coordinator, NFLA

Gov-Peacebuilding fellows (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka), Leadership of South Asia Local Youth
NGO-Program manager, Asia Pacific Women Law + Development
Media-Southeast Asia editor, Rest of World
NGO-Pasig City-Business analyst, World Vision
Philanthropy-Beijing-Climate analyst, Children's Investment Fund
Philanthropy-Remote-Early professionals program, Chandra Foundation
NGO-New Delhi-Partnerships + comms junior consultant, UN Women
Africa + Middle East
Think Tank-(Uganda or Kenya)-Researcher, 
Int. Center for Research on Women
NGO-Jr professionals program for
West African women, CRS
International Affairs-Remote-Jr data analyst, Democracy Reporting
NGO-Kampala-People & culture coordinator, World Vision 
NGO-Nairobi-Program manager, Kiva
Philanthropy-Nairobi-Program analyst, Co-Impact

NGO-EU program office, Int. Committee on Rights of Sex Workers  
Think Tank-Migration assistant, European Policy Center
Music-Remote-Podcast partner manager, Spotify
Media-Remote-Freelance content creator, Freeda 
Media-Milan-Market/audience analyst, Freeda
Research-Bolzano-Science for public intern, NOI Techpark
NGO-Remote-Comms advisor, Global Witness
Civic Org-Brussels-Policy + advocacy manager, Youth Forum
Civic Org-Brussels-Economic and policy analyst, Joint Research Center
Philanthropy-Brussels-Comms junior associate, EU Climate 
NGO-Remote-Community manager, ELLA 
NGO-The Hague-Partnership coordinator, Network Young Peacebuilders
NGO-The Hague-Gender intern, SNV
Retail-Amsterdam-Assistant store leader, Allbirds
Tech-Amsterdam-Creative strategy intern, Snap Inc.
NGO-Berlin-Digital program associate, Democracy Reporting
Philanthropy-Berlin-Research associate, EU Climate 
NGO-Geneva-UN advocacy intern, Human Rights Watch
NGO-Geneva-Intern, National Justice Rapid Response
Publishing-Remote-Editorial interns, Penguin Random House
Civic Org-Remote-Learning consultancy, Bond
Media-London-Interns, Gay Times 
Wellness-London-Social media manager, Kama
Wellness-London-Engagement coordinator, Headspace
Think Tank-Remote-Research intern,
People For Change Foundation 
-Paris-Jr child protection officer, ACTED
NGO-Remote Spain, Portugal or UK-Jr digital specialist, Vizzuality 
Sports-Remote-Social media producer, Olympic Channel
Wellness-Barcelona-Junior social researcher, ISGLOBAL
Consumer-Madrid-Junior people consultant (HR), LEGO 
Media-Madrid-Southern EU IP counsel, Netflix
NGO-Madrid-Marketing specialist, UNICEF España

Latin America
NGO-Remote-Food security consultant, IFRC
NGO-Bogotá-Intern, UNOPS 
NGO-Ciudad de Guatemala-Coordinator,
Fondo Centroamericano Mujeres
Music-Remote-Client solutions manager, Spotify
Media-São Paulo-Project manager, Thomson Reuters
NGO-Remote-Regional coordinator, 
Fondo Centroamericano Mujeres
Philanthropy-Researcher, Black Feminist Fund

Media-News curation fellowship, Buzzfeed
NGO-Social media strategist (Queer candidates
living in France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal,
USA, Switzerland or Brazil), ELLA 
Media-Photography intern, Rest of World
Media-Fact checking intern, Rest of World
NGO-Program officer, Intersex Human Rights Fund
NGO-Coordinator building feminist economies, AWID
NGO-Data strategist, FRIDA
Philanthropy-Feminist learning &
evaluation manager, Women's Funds Collaborative
Philanthropy-Program Manager,
Women's Funds Collaborative
Arts-Submissions are open for narratives from BIPOC
writers who self-identify as women (cis/trans)
for an upcoming book. You can submit micro essays,
micro memoirs or prose poems of 300 words or less,
Nonwhite & Woman: 153 Micro Essays

📆to join 

29 March Heather McGhee’s specialty is the US' economy—and why it so often fails the American public. From the financial crisis to rising student debt, she finds a common root problem: racism. It is the common denominator of the core dysfunction of US democracy. But how did this happen? And is there a way out? McGhee answers these questions and more in her book launch The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together. Fun fact: McGhee chairs the board of Color of Change, USA's largest online racial justice organization – and we've actually found a great job opportunity with them for you this week ;)  

7 April In recent years attacks on sexual and reproductive health rights have been growing with the number of actors fighting to undo the international achievements for womens’ and sexual minority rights. "Understanding sexual and reproductive health rights in a transatlantic context" asks: How can existing national and international human rights legislation be protected? How can a feminist foreign policy contribute to the protection and expansion of these rights? 

8 April A full day BIPOC climate justice dialogue between Black, Indigenous, and People of Color climate justice experts, scholars, activists and U.S. government officials.
One song from 180 countries come together in a Spotify playlist with songs to fight corruption to. And as you listen, read the backstory on each song

A brief history of female orgasms onscreen

Ingenious tech devices you wish were present in every office meeting, necklaces you never knew you needed, and much more brought to life by a comedian who invents tragically funny products addressing discrimination

A virtual photography exhibit with stunning award-winning shots around the world. 

Four minutes of pure badass energy, curtesy of a 7-year-old martial arts champion we hope to become when we're older. 

The Egyptian designer who discovered eggs and nuts as biodegradable material

"The development sector is fixated on the written word. We are inundated by a constant flow of reports, research papers, figures: ‘the literature’. Behind every new buzzword and piece of jargon is a faith that to change words is to change the world. But committing to decolonizing our ideas begins with making knowledge accessible, plural, collaborative. It means constantly opening up to diverse formats as well. We need artists like never before to help us reflect, creatively reimagine and bring to life a vision for radically better futures."

A Colombian collage artist and Spanish multimedia journalist came together to create a Virtual Gallery for Shifting Power to tell story of ‘development’, from its origin to its current challenge, from its contradictions to its possible horizons. Their guiding principles were the twin notions of decolonization and intersectionality: moving away from the unequal power structures that reinforce legacies of colonialism, and advancing explicitly anti-racist and feminist agendas.

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