Should we start wearing masks again because of the delta variant?

The World Health Organization announced that, in the face of the rapidly growing delta variant, people should wear masks in indoor public places again even if they’re vaccinated, but the CDC disagrees. What should you do? The doctors we spoke to said it largely depends on conditions where you live: the vaccines still work very well against the delta variant, so if cases are low where you are, you’re very safe. The math changes, though, if there’s a local outbreak. But there’s only one way out of this: getting everyone vaccinated as quickly as possible. Read the full story here.

Morgan Clendaniel
Should we start wearing masks again because of the delta variant?

If cases are rising in your area, fully vaccinated people may want to be a little more careful. But focusing on the vaccinated means we’re missing the real issue. Read More

Welcome to the ‘Great Resignation.’ Should you quit your job, too?

Here’s how to tell if your desire is the result of temporary burnout and restlessness, or a real desire for change. Read More

The rise of ‘blandscaping,’ and why not all green space is created equal

This copy-and-paste approach to landscape design is the ecological equivalent of gentrification. And it needs to stop. Read More

If you’re burned out on Zoom calls, try Slack’s new feature

Slack Huddles let you chat with coworkers in an informal, audio-only environment—and you can even share your screen. Read More
It’s the perfect time to switch to a career in design. Here’s how

We talk to a design hiring expert with three decades of experience to hear tips on making a career transition. Read More

Why are so many whales dying on California beaches?

There’s an epidemic of whales washing up on the West Coast. Scientists are piecing together exactly why to try to find a solution. Read More

How social media data secretly reveals your personality to hiring managers

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzik explains the dark side of social data but posits that our social data has already been commoditized to show us more relevant ads that make us want to buy things we didn’t need. Read More

Casper’s latest bedding collection is engineered to keep you cool at night

The company’s Cooling Collection–which is now on sale–includes sheets, duvets, and mattresses designed to help people sleep better by pulling away excess heat. Read More

This freeze-dried smoothie company is delicious and cost-effective

Kencko is designed for people who want to round out their daily fruit and vegetable servings, but don’t want to have to think too hard about it. Read More

Krispy Kreme bakes up a second IPO
Krispy Kreme is hoping to heat up the IPO market today when its stock debuts on the Nasdaq.
It's the doughnut chain's second time on the market merry-go-round. It originally debuted 21 years ago but was taken private again in 2016. 
It will trade under the ticker symbol DNUT. Shares will be offered for $17 each, well below the $21-24 per share some expected.
Krispy Kreme is making 29.4 million shares available for purchase. At $17 per share, Krispy Kreme would raise close to $500 million in its IPO.
Why it’s so hard to get off Slack and set boundaries at work
On this episode of Hit the Ground Running, we decided to see what happens when we stop spending time on Slack and email outside of work hours for a week.
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