Fourth of July sales perks [Top Terms]

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It’s July, which means that about 50% of the year is gone!

This is your weekly email telling you about the hottest keywords on Amazon! Ecomcrew has run the calculations and churned out the results right here for you. So here are the Top 10 Trendiest Keywords that have jumped up in popularity during Prime Day and the 4th of July weekend. Some of these keywords are not what you think! 

Now, are you ready for Q3?

Pixar’s latest movie “Luca”, which premiered on June 18, is a story about two lads who bond during the summer in beautiful Italy. With each Disney movie comes a series of merchandise like toys, action figures, and gadgets, which is a big opportunity for many Amazon sellers. In today’s #5 spot, we’ve got the keyword “Luca toy”, which has seen an increase in sales in some related products, going from 13 units per day to 90 units per day in sales for the past few days.

Speaking of sales, it might be surprising but not many sellers use Sponsored Brands in their PPC campaigns but of the three advertising categories on Amazon, Sponsored Brands has had, arguably, the single biggest change with the rollout of Video Ads for most sellers. We look largely at Sponsored Brands Video Ads and the other nuances when it comes to headline ads, in our article: Amazon PPC Series Part 3: Advanced Strategies for Sponsored Brands.

Despite Prime Day being over, Amazon buyers can still scoop up some deals in the baby category! Anyone who's ever had a baby knows how sensitive their ears are, especially right after you put them down for a nap. So the answer for this is in our #9 spot today with - “Baby ear muffs noise protection infant”. These earmuffs can protect hearing from loud, potentially damaging sounds like fireworks during the 4th of July celebrations around the US. They’ve already gone from 475 units per day to 1,074 units per day in the past few days.

Beyond fireworks and barbecues, Fourth of July weekend saw a plethora of sales across retailers, many of which offered deals on products like bedsheets and kitchen appliances. Products related to the keyword “California king sheet sets”  led to a drastic increase of 1,074 units sold in the past few days.

Many acquisition companies have emerged in the last few years. If you don't know how Amazon FBA roll-ups work and who they are, you should check out our article about Amazon FBA Rollups.


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