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Remember the good old Clubhouse craze earlier this year? Well, the next big social audio star could be among us with Quest, a Y Combinator-backed platform which brings elements of Clubhouse and LinkedIn together for career advice and networking. Read below to meet Quest, and: 
  • Who are Europe's top post-Covid ecommerce startups?
  • Why it's not too late for Europe to lead the post-quantum cryptography race
  • Creating a product roadmap: pro tips

\Startup Life

Meet Quest, the YC-backed 'Clubhouse meets LinkedIn'

The app — which provides bitesized clips of audio discussions — is aiming to create a more intimate and personal networking experience while offering career advice.

Speakers range from author Nir Eyal to employees at tech companies who answer practical questions to guide aspiring entrepreneurs in their startup journey.

With a user base of around 1k and famed accelerator Y Combinator convinced by its mission, Quest has certainly got the tech community excited.

Tom Matsuda finds out more about its plans.

\A message from our sponsor Nium

How embedded finance is revolutionising the payments space 

Join Nium’s CRO Frederick Crosby and a panel of fintech experts to find out how embedded finance is helping startups streamline online transactions, unlock new revenue and scale globally.

Join the discussion here.

\Venture Capital

15 ecommerce startups to watch, according to top investors

The pandemic has been kind to the ecommerce sector. European ecommerce growth soared form 2-5x compared to pre-Covid levels.

On top of that, ecommerce revenues leaped by 30% to a record $465bn in 2021 — and that number’s expected to reach almost $570bn by the end of 2025.

Amid this noise, which ecommerce startups will come out on top?

Five top ecommerce-focused investors weigh in.


It’s not too late for Europe to lead the post-quantum cryptography race

Mastering post-quantum cryptography — algorithms designed to secure quantum computers from attacks — is key if we want to make current tools for confidential secure data and communications obsolete.

Europe has a chance to become a global leader in ‘cracking the code’ and taking a leadership role in post-quantum cryptography, thinks André Loesekrug-Pietri, chairman of the Joint European Disruptive Initiative.

Here’s why.

\Startup Life 

How to create your product roadmap

Adriana Landaverde, product advisor and former chief product officer at green investment app Clim8 Invest, has created plenty of product roadmaps in her time.

Here are her top learnings for other product leads.

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How's your impact startup doing?

Calling founders and VCs, Sifted, in partnership with the BMW Foundation, wants to hear how impact startups — by which we mean companies committed to making a positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns — are faring in Europe.

Take our five-minute survey here. Thanks!

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🤑 Escooter startups, pay up. What kind of fees do Europe’s escooter startups have to pay local authorities in different cities to run their services? It can be as little as €25 to €180. See which cities are the priciest here (in Swedish).


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