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Time is running out for you to reserve a ticket to the Future of Fintech (Oct. 5-6, NYC + online) and this is your last chance to buy completely risk-free!

On the fence? Here are our top 10 reasons to attend:

  1. An astoundingly impressive C-Suite and founder-heavy lineup. Exciting new additions include Hari Moorthy, Global Head of Transaction Banking, Goldman Sachs, and Mike Novogratz, Founder and CEO, Galaxy Digital. Check out the full agenda here.

  2.  A panel on Super App Growth with Ant Group (Asian super app leader; $200B+ valuation) and Rappi (unicorn - $5.2B valuation)

  3. A lively discussion on The Hyper-verticalization of Banking with the Co-founder, First Boulevard (banking for Black America); the Founder and CEO, Step (banking for teens) and the Founder and CEO, Majority (banking for immigrants)

  4. Various blockchain sessions including Founder and GM, Blockdata; CEO and Co-founder, Fireblocks (unicorn - $2B valuation) and a VIP session with the Co-founder and CSO, Chainalysis (unicorn; backed by Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff)

  5. The opportunity to set up an unlimited number of 1:1 meetings with senior-level attendees from the country’s most innovative fintech organizations, financial institutions and the top startup CEOs. 

  6. Our first ever live tech market featuring 25+ hand-picked startups giving 6-minute demos including Accelitas (Security, Fraud, KYC & AML for Banking & Payments) and Seeds Investor (Wealth Management Software)

  7. The release of this year’s Fintech250 list with surprise select winners speaking

  8. Exclusive content from from CB Insights' Senior Intelligence Analysts

  9. Breathtaking city and water views, gourmet food and that magic that can't be replicated  for our in-person attendees + 30 days to watch any of our content on-demand for our online attendees.

  10. You’ll pay hundreds of dollars more if you wait another day. Prices go up tomorrow, September 1.

Plus you can rest assured about our strong commitment to safety. Our thoughtful and intimate in-person event requires all attendees to be vaccinated.

Save $100 with code: top10

See you soon,


P.S. Prices go up tomorrow! Get your ticket here

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