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Hi there,

This is it. It’s your final chance to get your ticket for Future of Fintech (Oct. 5-6, NYC + online).

The lineup is killer (as per usual), networking meetings are being booked like crazy, and New York City is ready for you.

Here are our 5 finalreasons to attend:

  1. Amazing speakers. The CFO of Stripe, the CTO of Ripple, + more 🔥
  2. More 1:1 meetings than you can handle with fintech movers & shakers
  3. 6-minute demos from hand-picked startups
  4. The unveiling of this year’s Fintech 250
  5. Gradually, then Suddenly - The Sequel: A keynote from our CEO that critics describe as “The Avengers movie but about fintech”

There’s less than a week to go. Get your ticket today. Save $100 with code: 6days

See you there, 


P.S. All attendees will receive a report of key takeaways from all main stage sessions + access to watch them on demand for 30 days post-event. RSVP here

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