We have a surprise for you today. 

As you’ve gone through this course, you’ve done some serious legwork and deserve some handclap emojis and a happy gif from me at the very least. 


But the coolest surprise you’ll get today is not from me, it’s from you. By completing the exercises in this course, you’ve unwittingly created the majority of a complete Voice and Vision Profile for your business. 

If you look back closely at what you’ve done, you’ll see that you now have the following: 
  • Your Voice – Your voice is what authentically makes you – YOU. It is what you bring to your business, your products, your communications, and your messaging. (Who are you?) 
  • Your Vision –Your vision is what your business and brand do and where you would like to see that go, from a very big picture level (concepts and ideas, not tactics and actions). (What you’re really trying to say is...)
  • Your Clients and Customers – A profile of your ideal customer or client and their motivations, lifestyle, demographics, circumstances, and buying abilities. (Give the People What They Want)
  • Your Roadblocks – The things, both internal and external, that are holding back your voice or vision (or both) (Nothing’s gonna stop you now… right?)
  • Uber Short Bio – A synopsis of less than 100 words that states your voice and vision; often referred to as an elevator speech or mini-bio (Can your do the #100WordsOrLessChallenge?)
  • Quotables –Various phrase, ideas, or statements from your answers that are “catch-worthy” or may be used to build out future content, products, and copy (All the previous emails!)
Remember before when I asked if your mind was blown? Is it really blown now? Look at everything you created when you didn’t even realize it! 

Very soon, we’ll be giving you access to our very own CYC Voice and Vision Guide. With it, you can get a sense of what ours looks like, so you can polish yours up to look nice and presentable, like it’s going to a wedding. 

In the meantime, feel free to start organizing your exercise responses into these categories and getting it ready for its grand debut. 

Talk soon. 

~ Elisa