Question: Who loves deeply revealing, soul-searching, uncomfortable personal explorations of weaknesses and flaws? 

Answer: Except for Dr. Phil, no one. 

Unfortunately, if you’re gonna succeed, you gotta know what you’re up against, so you can face challenges head on. 

Wait, wait, before you close this email in a huff of “Screw that!”, there’s good news. 

Identifying your obstacles and weaknesses doesn’t have to be so terrible. In fact, it will help you and your brand become stronger and better. Yes, really. 

But for that to happen, we’ve gotta name the beasts, then tame the beasts. We’ll begin with lining up the usual suspects, so that we can figure out an action plan to conquer them. 
  • In case such obstacles aren’t immediately obvious to you, here’s some help in ID-ing and addressing them: 
  • What’s the stuff you avoid doing in your business? What are those things that totally slow down your workflow and remain on the to-do list for days? (question 9)
  • Somewhere along the way you’ve gotten stumped, or perhaps experienced an epic fail. What happened there? What element is to blame? (question 11)
  • Time for honesty –– what are your weaknesses when it comes to your content?  If a magic writing fairy could come wave a wand on your work, what would get fixed? Are you bad at descriptions? Do you use cliches excessively? Do you use too many parentheses (not pulling from personal experience here…)? (question 23, 26)
Don’t worry if these responses make you a little teary. Chances are, there are one, two, or several ways to solve them. 

I’ll talk more on how very soon. Good luck!

~ Elisa