We did it! 

I really wish I could celebrate this great step in your content crafting journey with a beer or a piece of cake, but since I’m far away, I want to send you another form of congratulations that has fewer calories but equally as delicious.

Crafting a voice and vision profile is a super personal adventure, but I know it can be nice to have some inspiration when you wonder “Is this what it’s supposed to look like? Which is why I’m sending you ours. Seriously, just click that link and you'll get our most recent version (we update it at least annually).

You can make yours look any way you want, I prefer to keep things simple and focused, perhaps you want yours to look fancy and professional. 

It isn’t about what the profile looks like. It’s what the profile says when you put it all together, and read it as a final document. It should be something you are proud to put your name on. It should be something that inspires your audience, and peers, and Nana to shout from the rooftops about how much they admire you and your brand. 

It should be something that clearly defines your Voice and Vision and tells people why you get out of bed every morning and the future you want for yourself and your world.

And that’s something that is a damn fantastic feeling and accomplishment. Good. For. You.

I really hope this course has been useful to you in defining the voice and vision of your brand. It’s been hard work, but it will really pay off for your business and content in the future.

What does your profile say? Do you feel like it could be even better? If you're jonesin' for some thoughtful feedback and professional polish (kinda what we do around here), book a spot for an exclusive one-on-one consultation with me.

This might be the end of one journey for us, but I hope it’s the start of another. 

Wishing you the best in your content adventures! 

~ Elisa