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The holiday season is here, and EcomCrew doesn’t want to leave you without knowing the top 10 most searched keywords on Amazon during this year’s Black Friday. Let’s jump right in!

Black Friday 2021 Online Sales Dropped

According to Adobe, retailers rang up $8.9 billion in sales online during Black Friday, down from the record of about $9 billion spent a year earlier.

One of the factors that could contribute to this drop in sales is that many shoppers decided not to wait and instead, splurged while the Early Deals were in effect throughout the month of October and November.

In today’s top 10 terms, we find that some of these keywords have made their way up by offering big discounts for Black Friday, such as “ electric spin scrubber”, “oils” and “treestand for real christmas tree”. Products related to these terms have sold 103 units per day for the former, 1,076 units for the follower, and 1,828 units per day for the latter in the past two weeks.

Why Inventory Management is Important

As your business grows, the difficulty of inventory management increases as well as the amount of inventory you’re handling. 

Why is an inventory management tool invaluable for any ecommerce owner? Because using one can make it significantly easier for you and your ecommerce business.

We decided to draw up an infographic to illustrate the challenges in trying to find the perfect inventory management platform that can do it all, in The Ultimate Guide on Inventory Management.


White Elephant Season

The last quarter of the year is full of seasonal products, from Halloween products to Christmas gifts. One of the most traditional events at this time of the year is the white elephant gift exchange, or in some other places recognized as “Dirty Santa” or “Yankee Swap”. This party game is another good reason for shoppers to shake their pockets once again during Q4.

Taking slot #3 in today’s top 10, we find “40 white elephant gifts”. Products related to this term have gone from selling 16 units per day to 120 units per day in the last two weeks. 

Boosting Sales with Seasonal Products

Choosing a product to sell is one of the most critical business decisions you’ll ever make as an entrepreneur. Selling seasonal products is not for everybody, but if you play your cards right, you could see success really quickly. 

Another advantage of selling strongly seasonal products is that it allows you to have breaks in your business. Find out all the advantages and disadvantages in our full guide about The Pros and Cons of Selling Seasonal Products Online.



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