The future of product-led growth in 2022

 Hiten's Pick 

Is It Too Late To Start?

The beginning of a new year comes with new goals and an invigorated sense of possibility for many of us. If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that we can't take time or health for granted. So no matter your age or where you are in your journey, let this be the year you stop telling yourself it's "too late" to do something you've wanted to do. Start now—your future self will thank you for it


The Guide to Purposeful Career Planning

So much is changing in the workplace. Many will remember 2021 as the year of "The Great Resignation." The pandemic created a sea change in professional priorities. If like many, you're looking to be more intentional about career planning going forward, this is a must-read guide

How Google Chrome Ate the Internet

Back in 2008, Google launched its brand new Chrome browser. The lion's share of the world's browser activity happened on Microsoft's Internet Explorer until that point. But just over a decade later, Chrome now dominates the browser space with almost 70% of the market share. I wrote this teardown about how Chrome became the most trusted browser on the internet


Early Decision-Making for Engineers

Most engineers know how important it is to invest in their technical skills early on. But few work on learning how to make better strategic decisions. The result: Engineers unintentionally stall company growth. If you want to avoid becoming a bottleneck, read this

How To Own Projects as a Software Engineer

Whenever you take ownership of a project, you become ultimately responsible for everything that happens with it. While you can't control everything, the key to being a great project owner is reducing the number of ways things can go wrong. Each of these five steps will improve your chances of success.

 Marketing & Sales 

The Top 3 Priorities for B2B Marketing Leaders

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, which will likely continue in 2022. One of the best things you can do now is decide what initiatives you want to prioritize. Especially if you're working on a B2B product, here are the three priorities you should consider working on over the next year.

The 20 A/B Testing Variables To Measure Marketing Success

If you're looking to optimize your marketing efforts this year, remember that you can generate significant results with small A/B tests. You'd be surprised by how changing something like the color of a CTA button, or the length of an email subject line can lead to meaningful growth. These 20 marketing variables are an excellent place to start

The Future of Product-Led Growth in 2022

The phrase "product-led growth" cemented its place in common startup vernacular last year. But where is it headed next? I enjoyed reading through this list of PLG predictions for 2022. A few of my favorites: Move the point of value earlier in the customer journey and remember that attention is a form of currency. 

Your Single Biggest Advantage in Tech

Aaron Levie recently tweeted: "Speed is your single biggest advantage in tech." He argues that small, hyper-aligned teams with few constraints (regardless of company size) end up driving the most significant change. I echo the importance of moving fast, but be clear about the direction you want to move in first

The Best Productivity Tools for Hybrid Teams in 2022

As more companies embrace hybrid work, it's never been more critical to invest in tools that make connections and workflows seamless and easeful. Whether your team needs to adopt an appointment scheduling tool or digital "mission control" for project management, you'll find some good suggestions on this list.

3 Ideas To Start Your Year

In 2021, James Clear's book Atomic Habits was the #1 best-selling book of the year on Amazon. He reiterates three of the main points as reminders for the year ahead. One of my favorite ideas is that every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. Get 1% better every day and watch how much your life can change over one year.

 Insight of the Week 
Get Out of Your Head

Especially when you're a founder or leader at a startup, it can be easy to feel like you need to have answers to every dilemma because you're in charge. But you can't solve every problem on your own. Whenever you're stuck on an "unsolvable" dilemma, try getting out of your head and talking to other people. Unique solutions will begin to open up.

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