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40+ timeless startup principles

I recently came across a solid list of over 40 startup principles. It's worth bookmarking. Hiten's Pick The Most Underrated Skills of Product Leaders This past week, Scott Belsky tweeted about
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Willing to chat?

Today more than ever, startups need to grow up fast. We've been through this at Nira and it's not easy.Tons of contractors and vendors helping you... Today more than ever, startups need to grow
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Naval Ravikant's first principles

If you want to run a successful, scalable business, you have to maximally leverage the value your company creates. Hiten's Pick Great Attrition or Great Attraction? The Choice Is Yours. More than
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Building a high-performance company

Every high-performance organization has an abundance of two things: productivity and positivity. Hiten's Pick Crafting Product Narratives for Enterprise Software Enterprise software is expensive,
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Is your company actually secure?

These numbers will make you think twice about how secure your company really is. Hiten's Pick Over 45% of Employees Take Company Documents Ever since pivoting Nira into a cybersecurity company
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Remember that security survey?

In the survey, over 45% of employees admitted to taking documents from former employers. Read the full analysis here. There's over 20 charts. In the survey, over 45% of employees admitted to taking
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The best advice from thousands of founders

I stumbled upon this list of curated product, growth, and fundraising advice for founders between ideation and seed stage. Hiten's Pick The Power of Product Thinking Best-in-class product managers,
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How the world has improved in the last 30 years

We tend to measure progress in terms of big cultural and technological shifts. But, progress also happens with the small things in our lives. Hiten's Pick How Things Have Improved Since the 1990s
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Steve Jobs’s workplace prediction

Thirty years ago, Steve Jobs had a clearer vision for the future than just about anybody in tech. Hiten's Pick Steve Jobs's Workplace Prediction I saw this clip of Steve Jobs talking about the
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A few surprises and an offer

There were a few surprises in last week's survey responses. We're a little skeptical about what people are telling us. And we want to dig in to find.. There were a few surprises in last
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Taking action on advice

This is one of the most honest and helpful things I read this past week. Hiten's Pick How To Turn Advice Into Action I couldn't help but smile when I read the first line of this article: "
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Take this quick survey for me?

I've never seen this kind of information exist before. Now, I'm looking to collect it.The survey is completely anonymous. Click here to fill it out.. I've never seen this kind of
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The best SaaS products with a free plan

This past week on Twitter, I asked people what their favorite SaaS products with a free plan were. The list is full of gems. Hiten's Pick The Highest Forms of Wealth What does it mean to be wealthy
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Join me tonight!

I'm speaking about startup pivots and product/market fit tonight (7/22) at 5:30pm PDT. I'll be sharing some of my secret strategies and tactics... I'm speaking about startup pivots and
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Mindset makes you world-class

Giannis Antetokounmpo teaches us all an important lesson—even if we can't shoot a basketball to save our lives. Hiten's Pick When You Hear the Word Startup, What Comes to Mind? The word "
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Our favorite SOC 2 tools

We've been talking about SOC 2 lately, I got a lot of questions about what tools we use. We decided to write up a whole post. It's right here. Enjoy. Since I've been talking about SOC 2
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How a Stripe product manager predicts problems

Don't wait to do a post-mortem to figure out why your product failed. Do this instead. Hiten's Pick What Nobody Understands About Startups I recently joined Ch Daniel for a conversation on his
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5 things that kill startups

Y Combinator Partner and CEO Michael Seibel has seen his fair share of startup trajectories. Most of them aren't successful. Here's why. Hiten's Pick 5 Things That Kill Startups Y
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Why everyone should use SOC 2 software

When I first realized that we were building a security company with our pivot to Nira, it hit me like a ton of bricks... When I first realized that we were building a security company with our pivot to
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My favorite Twitter threads about startups

I put together my own thread of the best tweets about startups I've seen over the past few years. Hiten's Pick The Pyramid of Co-Founder Success There is no lack of advice out there about how