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What the best managers do

Sometimes the best way to add value as a manager isn't to fix but to coach. Hiten's Pick The Most Important Quality in a Mentor or Coach This week, one of my favorite tweets comes from Adam
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A sneak peak into what my investors know

What a year. 2021 flew by before I could blink. I've gotten countless messages about Nira with people asking to know what we've been up to... What a year. 2021 flew by before I could blink. I
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The future of product-led growth in 2022

The phrase "product-led growth" cemented its place in common startup vernacular last year. But where is it headed next? Hiten's Pick Is It Too Late To Start? The beginning of a new year
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If you do one thing to secure your information

Recently, I was working with a freelancer and needed to share a bunch of documents with them. When I asked him where to send the documents, he gave.. Recently, I was working with a freelancer and
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I should have known

When I asked what people would do with two hours of my time 1:1, the vast majority of replies wanted help with growth and product. There were no... When I asked what people would do with two hours of
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The people worth investing in

We're too eager to bet on people who overestimate themselves—and too hesitant to invest in those who underestimate themselves. Hiten's Pick When and How To Take Big Swings Most people probably
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How work is changing

The Atlassian team created an eye-opening report on the workforce's shifting priorities and expectations. Hiten's Pick Female Founders in Short Supply This is a crazy stat: Fewer than 2% of
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An untapped goldmine for customer research

They say silver bullets don't exist, but I found one. We recently analyzed 51 IT Manager job descriptions on LinkedIn. We wanted to know what to... They say silver bullets don't exist, but I
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How Stripe scaled

This is a fascinating breakdown of how Stripe scaled–from its original six-month goal planning process to input method tracking. Hiten's Pick A Common Trait in Those Who Succeed Repeatedly I saw
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Becoming a better decision-maker

If you're responsible for making decisions, you're also responsible for explaining the thinking behind them. Hiten's Pick Being a Responsible Decision-Maker I'm with Ray Dalio—if you
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How to solve problems fast

If you want to solve problems quickly, focus on the solution and dissect the problem later. Hiten's Pick How To Solve Problems Fast Whenever there is a problem, people focus on what, how, and why
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documents leaks and data breaches

We've investigated the biggest document leaks and data breaches from the past five years. Find out what we learned... I'm always seeing document leaks and data breaches in the news. So, I
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Go slow until you have a great product

People will tell you that you have to move fast if you want your startup to be successful. Of course, startup speed is more nuanced than that. Hiten's Pick Go Slow Until You Have a Great Product
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Jeff Bezos on how to spend startup money

If all you have is one minute this week, watch this video clip of Jeff Bezos sharing his advice on how startups should spend their money. Hiten's Pick Successful Businesses Follow This Equation
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quick question

Got a quick question for you: If you could wave a magic wand and get two hours of my time 1:1 with you, what would you want to do? If you could wave a magic wand and get two hours of my time 1:1 with
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Facebook's future vision

Facebook is now a metaverse company, and its vision relates to a future that doesn't exist yet. What do you think about Facebook's new name? Hiten's Pick Meta This week, Facebook announced
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How to create products people love

Here's the three-step process I use to validate ideas—it'll save you the pain of pursuing bad problems. Hiten's Pick How I Optimize My Time in Business I recently sat down with James
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OpenSea’s recent incident

I've been really interested in NFTs lately. So when I saw the news about insider trading at OpenSea I couldn't help but read everything I could get... I've been really interested in NFTs
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The future of the internet

We're at an inflection point on the internet's timeline. The tide is shifting, and all signs point to the coming of Web 3.0. Hiten's Pick It's Time To Reinvent the Internet We're at
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It all started with a contract

This used to happen to me and Marie all of the time. After an intense vetting process, we'd bring on a new outside vendor. Forms were signed, Zoom... This used to happen to Marie and me all of the