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How to build great product sense

One of the most helpful things you can do for your company is to hire builders with excellent product sense. Hiten's Pick Finding and Fostering Great Product Sense One of the most helpful things
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The journey to becoming a product-led company

The Chief Product Officer at Prospection shares some of her learnings on transitioning from a service-led to a product-led company. Hiten's Pick How Popular Companies Got Initial Product-Market Fit
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Is ChatGPT's growth starting to flatten?

The AI chatbot has achieved astounding growth since it launched in November 2022. But is it leveling off now? Hiten's Pick The Past, Present, and Future of Product-Market Fit I'm speaking at my
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Apple's management framework

Apple coined a term to designate the one person assigned ultimate responsibility for the success or failure of a project. Hiten's Pick Things First-Time Founders Get Wrong Lattice CEO Jack Altman
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The rebirth of SaaS

This is a must-read if a subscription model is vital to your company's growth plans. Hiten's Pick AI is Changing Quickly There is a growing sentiment that AI is changing so fast it's hard
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How to create a killer product

If you want to create a killer product, you've got to get inside your customer's head. Hiten's Pick When You Plateau, So Does Your Company Companies with product-focused founders often get
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Using ChatGPT for marketing

You can use ChatGPT for just about any marketing task. But it's best to use it for inspiration rather than a final product. Hiten's Pick Investor Updates in Tough Times Some of the best
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What comes next with AI?

For a long time, AI development happened very slowly. But over the past half-decade, we've experienced a century's worth of innovation. Hiten's Pick The Age of Average No matter the field,
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Bill Gates on the future of AI

Bill Gates believes AI is going to alleviate some of the world's worst inequities. Here's how he thinks it'll happen. Hiten's Pick Navigating the Unpredictability of Everything This is
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How Box stimulated growth again

After more than a decade of explosive growth, with cheap capital to finance it, Box finally started experiencing a revenue decline in 2017. Hiten's Pick Is It Time To Freak Out About AI? AI is
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How products fail

There's a moment for products where once this point is crossed, an otherwise healthy business suddenly collapses. This is a great read about what..... Hiten's Pick Which Apps Do Americans
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Calendly's rapid growth

Calendly's Chief Product Officer explains how the company structures its product teams, utilizes OKRs, and transitioned from PLG to sales. Hiten's Pick Fill Your Gut, Then Trust It Despite our
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Instagram founders launched a new startup

Instagram Co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger just launched the beta version of their personalized news reader, Artifact. Hiten's Pick Legacy is Overrated Shreyas Doshi recently shared a
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The rapidly changing AI environment

The AI environment feels like a quick pendulum swing between hype and skepticism. Hiten's Pick Defensibility and Competition Most early-stage startups are not very defensible in the beginning.
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Invest in things that don't change

Most of the time, technology is about incremental improvement on enduring ideas. There are certainly paradigm shifts, but they are rare. Hiten's Pick Invest in Things That Don't Change
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Lessons from Airtable's growth story

Airtable is currently valued at $11 billion. Here's how the company got initial traction and found its first super users. Hiten's Pick The Systems of Elite CEOs How well you transition from a
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Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman on leadership

Frank Slootman recently did an interview with the Iconiq Capital team, and the conversation was illuminating. Hiten's Pick How Early-Stage Startups Can Stay Secure Security is increasingly becoming
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The first Reddit posts about popular apps

The first Reddit posts about popular apps hint at the original, unpolished products and how much doubt and uncertainty every new startup faces. Hiten's Pick The 8 Best Techniques for Evaluating
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Getting to $10M ARR in very early markets

Learning how to build a company in a new or non-existent market is a topic startups should obsess about. Hiten's Pick Extreme Questions To Trigger New, Better Ideas Our daily work often requires we
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How HubSpot grew so fast early on

HubSpot pioneered some of the most effective marketing techniques used by companies today. Here is a list of the ones that worked best. Hiten's Pick Nothing Is Going To Magically Change Brad Feld