Product Habits

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How a two-engineer project at Facebook changed everything

Facebook Photos only had one unique feature: photo tagging. But that was enough to make it the most popular photo-sharing service on the Internet. Hiten's Pick How a Two-Engineer Project at
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Nobody really owns product work

Once you commit code, you no longer own your individual product contributions on a team. Hiten's Pick It's Hard To Draw Lessons From Your Own Failures This past week, Andrew Wilkinson wrote a
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How Segment grew into a billion dollar business

Over the past decade, Segment has become a billion-dollar business with more than 20000 clients. Here's how the company did it. Hiten's Pick What To Remember About Being a Leader This tweet
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What is the best thing a manager has ever done for you?

These three conversations are crucial if you want to be a great manager. Hiten's Pick What To Do If Your Product Isn't Ready for Launch You've set a product launch date, and you're
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Write simply

Paul Graham is the master of writing simply, and in his most recent essay, he explains why he chooses to write that way. Hiten's Pick Write Simply Paul Graham is the master of writing simply, and
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Speed is the killer feature

When it comes to building products that dominate, speed is the differentiator. Here's how you can assess speed, and where it matters the most. Hiten's Pick How to Sell Yourself, Your Startup,
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Product-market fit is a silly term

So many people talk about product-market fit, but there isn't a clear definition. It's time to use simpler words that can be understood quickly. Hiten's Pick What I Worked On Paul Graham
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If you want to work at a product-led company, read this first

Too many companies are not set up to facilitate the collaboration of product, design, and engineering to build stuff that matters. Hiten's Pick How Timeless Is Timeless Advice? This is a
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Product management is hard

There is no such thing as the "right way" to build a product, grow a business, or make an important decision. Hiten's Pick Timing Is Everything at a Startup What often looks like luck can
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Be your own product manager

You'll be a far more effective founder if you have a system in place to manage your time and bridge the gap between your vision and your to-do list. Hiten's Pick Be Your Own Product Manager
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GitLab's company culture

I've heard many companies talk about radical transparency, but few actually practice it. One company that puts its money where its mouth is: GitLab. Hiten's Pick How To Be Clear It was quite an
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The founder and funder experience

This week, I'm sharing my thoughts on problem hunting, my five-day MVP rule, and how to solve for the future faster. Hiten's Pick A Technique To Accelerate Your Progress This is a fantastic
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Non-obvious lessons from 100+ angel investments

Most investing work happens in stealth mode, among a community that tends to share only its successes. This article pulls back the curtain. Hiten's Pick Maximizing Developer Effectiveness One of
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Overcoming phone addiction

If you want to be more conscious about your phone use this year, here are some helpful solutions you can try, along with the research behind them. Hiten's Pick Overcoming Phone Addiction Phone
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Bored people quit

There are bound to be some people on your team feeling bored right now. Here's what you can do to help them feel invigorated again in 2021. Hiten's Pick If You've Raised Money From
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Shopify's CEO on time management and company culture

Tobi Lütke shares his thoughts on time management, organizational design, company culture, and more. Hiten's Pick What the World Might Look Like in 2100 We tend to think about progress from the
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How to spot a unicorn early

Elad Gil is one of the most successful angel investors around. How does he spot companies before they become unicorns? Hiten's Pick The Nuances of Hiring and Managing Remote Employees for Software
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How this 5x founder creates company culture

I really appreciate much of how Drift CEO David Cancel thinks about storytelling—especially internally. Hiten's Pick How This 5X Founder Creates an Internal Culture With a "Crazy Focus"
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What's in a name?

Don't underestimate the power of your startup's name. Here are some straightforward tips for figuring out a name that works. Hiten's Pick The Way of the Future There has been a bit of
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The similarities between poker and business

Tony Hsieh was beloved in the tech space, and I count myself among the great number of people who admired him. Hiten's Pick How to Think for Yourself You've got to love a good Paul Graham essay