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How to Live Forever

Writing is more than words on a page; writing can be the seed of revolution and innovation. Like Harry Potter casting a spell, putting the right words in the right order is the hypocenter of seismic
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[6 Hours Left] Where Will You Be in Six Months?

Do you dream of doing work that stirs your soul, becoming a lighthouse for like-minded people, and unleashing the serendipity of the Internet? No matter where you are in life, writing will help you.
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[9 Hours Left] From 'Too Niche’ to 20,000 Followers

You've spent years building a unique perspective, whether you realize it or not. Ideas that feel obvious to you would be amazing to others, if you started speaking up. Write of Passage logo
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Join Our Inner Circle

There are 24 hours left to join Write of Passage. Unlike other courses, Write of Passage is not just a series of lectures. It's a place to 2x your potential and engage with others who share your
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When Elon Musk Becomes Your Boss

Writing online gave Ana her voice. Now, she's a world leader in education reform. And the serendipity train hasn't stopped. This month, Ana published her first book, The Learning Game. Write of
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You Too? I Thought I Was The Only One

The Internet helped me find my people. It can help you find yours, too. And I want to show you how. Are you satisfied with your environment? Or have you outgrown it? Write of Passage logo transparent-1
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Do You Have the Courage to Go For It?

Louie went from being a corporate engineer to a self-employed business owner and creator on the Internet. More importantly, he achieved what he actually wanted for himself: freedom. Write of Passage
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Is Write of Passage Right for You?

There are ten kinds of people who write online. And I bet you fit into one of these categories (likely multiple). I'm a niche hobbyist and an up-and-coming entrepreneur. But when I started writing
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How Write of Passage Helps You Publish

In Write of Passage, writing is social. You will never write, edit, or publish alone. You'll be immersed in a vibrant and global group of like-minded peers all striving towards similar goals. It
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From 20 Subscribers to a $40 Million Venture Fund

The Great Online Game is free to play for everyone. There are no try-outs, no gatekeepers, and the upside of playing is infinite. That's how it was for Packy McCormick, a Write of Passage alum
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Let's Talk Money

Write of Passage is an investment. Sure, the course lasts five weeks. But it pays dividends for life. Enroll today — risk-free — with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Write of Passage logo transparent-
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Why Writing Is More Important Than Thinking

The ability to think is our burdensome gift from the heavens. But having the capacity to think and only using it for silent contemplation is like owning a Porsche 911 Turbo just to keep it locked in
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Write Your Way to Freedom

People everywhere are finding freedom by writing online. The thing is, freedom looks different for all of us. What does it look like for you? Write of Passage logo transparent-1 Write of Passage is now
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The Cure for Intellectual Loneliness

I used to be mocked for my ideas — the same ideas that led me to 400000 Twitter followers. What changed? I started writing online. And you can, too. Write of Passage logo transparent-1 Write of Passage
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Write of Passage Is OPEN. Enroll Now!

If you're ready to start writing online, enroll in Cohort 11, which starts on October 2. Enrollment will stay open for two weeks, or until all spaces have been filled. Write of Passage logo
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Getting Out of Your Own Way

One more day until Cohort 11 is open for enrollment! Can't stop self-sabotaging? Learn how to cope with your inner critic and start sharing ideas you're proud of. Write of Passage logo
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From Listener to Guest on Your Favorite Podcast

Do you dream of making an impact? Writing online can make it a reality. Many of us feel the deep, instinctual desire to do work that truly matters. We dream of reshaping someone's reality with our
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Stuck on the Sidelines

You want to write online, but you're riddled with self-doubt. You fear you're not good enough, so you anticipate judgment from friends and criticism from people you've never met. Think
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Above All Else, Write for Yourself

Write of Passage Weekly | If you've diagnosed yourself with a case of writer's block, don't fret. This week, we're rushing to your aid with the cure. View in browser Write of Passage
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From McDonald's to Twitter Stardom

There once was a guy working the drive-thru at McDonald's. His name was Sheehan, and he had no idea the Internet was about to change his life forever. Now, he's The Cultural Tutor, one of the