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We can all probably agree on this: Spam calls are the worst.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) think so too and have fined a Scottish company £150,000 for making over half a million nuisance marketing calls.

Moral of the story? Spam marketing tactics don't pay.


  • How to optimise your email deliverability.
  • What happened last week...
  • Community Spotlight.
  • Events this week coming.


Brands spend so much time drafting compelling copy, designing beautifully branded templates and crafting catchy subject lines, but have you consider whether your subscribers will even get the opportunity to read your email?

Before you hit that send button, you need to optimise your email deliverability.

Here's how:

1. Make sure you're automations are working! If you're in ecom these are the bare minimum flows to look at:

  • Abandon Cart
  • Welcome
  • Predicted to churn
  • Browse Abandonment
  • VIP

2. Authenticate your email.

3. Send campaigns to your most engaged segment, even if it only has 30 people in said segment. Once you start seeing good open rates, expand that pool of recipients.

4. Send relevant campaigns your customers actually want to read. Bonus if you can personalise those emails.

5. Make it easy to unsubscribe.

6. Think quality over quantity. Clean your list regularly. A sunset flow can help automate the process.

7. Remain compliant with privacy laws. No one wants to get sued and no one wants a tarnished reputation as a service provider.

Empowering brands with our free brand spotlight



The return of free speech? Or a billionaire's temper tantrum? Is it that too many people share accounts? Or is it that streaming services have become an increasingly competitive space and some are struggling to keep up? This week during the kickoff we talked about Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover and the downfall of streaming giant Netflix. Two topics on everyone’s mind as of late, dissected by our crew here at Furlough.


This week we hosted Mantas from Audityourstore.com, a Chrome extension which helps people audit their ecomm stores. The extension gives you a checklist of things you can do to improve your website and they actually managed to turn this into lead generation for themselves. The problem is they aren’t making money. Furlough’s founders and industry experts gave tips and a variety of avenues to pursue.


I know we sound like a broken record, but this was our biggest Remote Speed Networking session yet! As we continue to grow and have more and more people come out to our events we’ll be adding more rooms for people to break off into and chat. We really encourage everyone, especially newcomers to attend this biweekly event to grow your network, build relationships, and foster community!

A few of our members happened to run into each other in Las Vegas of all places! Remember Kings of Neon from the Spotlight we did two weeks ago? Gensen and Steve Pasztor (KoN owner) happened to bump into Furlough member and agency owner Sam. Check out the selfie they sent us! Have you met anyone from Furlough offline, share your photos with us to be featured!



Are you part of the Stampede?

Our very own TikTokpreneur Mason Kuhr is a hard hitter in the community, actively investing in multiple companies, consulting in ecom, content creation, strategy and more!

With 150k+ followers on TikTok he embarked on his journey to creating Stampede: The first fully integrated mind, body and spirit fitness brand.

Why mind, body and spirit?

It's the trifecta that makes you human. As you improve each aspect it can completely transform your life. Mason hopes that Stampede will encourage people like you to embark on their self growth journey to become a complete, self-actualised version of themselves.

We're happy to announce our latest community graphic featuring Mason. Look out for the next release comming soon - It could be you!



Start your week off right! Join the Furlough team kick-off at 2 pm EST to get the roadmap for your upcoming week. Meet accountability partners that’ll hold you to your goals.

Startup Booster

Do you know what it takes for a Startup to become a successful business? Come check out this week's Startup Booster with Audit Your Store (a tool built to boost your conversion rate & increase your revenue).


Ask anyone that’s reached the highest levels of success, they couldn't have done it alone. Check out this week's Mastermind session hosted by Joe Casanova, to gain the insights you need to move the needle forward.

Brand Spotlight

Are you a digital marketer? Come check out this week's Brand Spotlight sessions for a chance to listen in on some of the communities professionals as they provide value to brands.


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