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In December 2021, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced that in 2022, IG would consolidate the platform around Reels and short-form video. Following this update, they added a dedicated tab for Reels in profiles and began displaying them in the default feed.

Then, in February 2022, IG announced that it would no longer support in-stream advertisements and encouraged the use of Reels placements instead. 

Since the Reels feed still includes far lower ad saturation than the Home feed or Stories, now is the ideal time to master it. In addition to having less competition, the placement comes with a few interesting perks:

  • You can also run Reels ads on Facebook, giving you access to one of Meta’s newest and least-used ad placements.
  • Run eye-catching ads across multiple platforms by running the same creative in Reels and Stories.

To learn how to adjust your video advertising strategy and make the most of Reels ads, read the full article.

14th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report
Wondering how other marketers are using social media? Find out what thousands of professional marketers plan to do with their organic activities, video marketing, and ads over the next year in this detailed 39-page report. Download your copy today. (Sponsor)


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