What's X, Y and Z? And how has Anchor helped?

We think we spotted it. And, Conal Byrne defends RSS
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  • What were “X, Y and Z” - the new content areas mentioned in Spotify’s Investor Day briefings? Just listen to Alex Norström, as Audiobooks, then “X, Y and Z” appear on-screen: “There are additional markets and verticals that we believe are natural fits for our platform and audience. There’s Audiobooks. There’s News, Sports and Education. Those are vast markets.”

  • Another two pieces of detail from the Spotify investor day from CFO Paul Vogel:

    • 30% of our monthly active users engage with podcast content”. That figure hasn’t been disclosed for some time, and grew from 16% (Feb 20) to 22% (Oct 20).
    • Only a minority of podcast time spent was monetized by us in 2021 … approximately 14% [is] currently monetized by us on a global basis.”
  • iHeart’s Conal Byrne writes for Forbes, promoting the benefit of RSS, which was soundly denigrated by Spotify in their presentation. (More on this on Monday).

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Post Script MediaEverything is a climate story. Founded by two veteran climate journalists in 2021, Post Script Media makes podcasts at the intersection of climate with culture, politics, business, tech, and more. Learn more about Post Script Media

The Carbon CopyFrom Post Script Media: On the latest episode of The Carbon Copy: Five years ago, Puerto Rico’s grid was decimated by Hurricane Maria. In the aftermath, many hoped that Puerto Rico’s new grid could be built around solar and batteries instead of fossil fuels connected via far-flung transmission lines. But that’s not how the recovery played out. Today, Puerto Rico still relies heavily on centralized fossil fuels. Now a bottom-up movement has emerged supporting rooftop solar and battery installations. Which path will the island take? Canary Media reporter Maria Gallucci joins host Stephen Lacey to discuss her recent reporting trip to the island.

Pod ChatThe new episode of Pod Chat released today is with Captivate CEO, Mark Asquith. “The time for exciting things needs to take a break, and we need to get really good at the basics. How do we measure things? How do we make sure that all creators are represented fairly? How do we begin to educate that podcasting is different depending on your scale?”

The Bleeders“There is nothing to writing,” said Ernest Hemingway, “all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”. The Bleeders launched this week - from Courtney Kocak, it’s a podcast (and support group) about book writing and publishing. Expect conversations with authors, agents, and people in the publishing industry about how to write and sell books.

This Is Small BusinessThis Is Small Business is new from Amazon, produced by JAR Audio. Hosted by Andrea Marquez, listeners will hear stories from small business owners about pivotal moments in starting, building, and scaling their business, and learn from real-world experiences shared by industry experts.

First PersonFirst Person is new from The New York Times. Hosted by Lulu Garcia-Navarro, it talks with people living through the headlines to help us make sense of our complicated world. Lulu was previously at NPR’s Weekend Edition.


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