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Are Spotify checking your podcast stats to launch something to compete with you? And, Veritone buys a new artificial voice company
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Find out why Malcolm Gladwell, Dave Ramsey and other top author-podcasters rely on Supporting Cast to facilitate their direct-to-consumer audiobook sales.
  • Edison Research and NPR released The Smart Audio Report. 62% of American adults use a voice assistant; 35% now own a smart speaker; 47% purchased them, in part, to listen to podcasts (and 39% of people use their smart speaker to listen to podcasts in a typical week). Two-thirds listen to news on their device (like Podnews).

  • The Infinite Dial Canada will be unveiled on June 30. The research includes comparable data on podcast listening in the country.

  • Does Spotify use playback data to help its studios spy on the competition? HotPod Insider quotes Bill Simmons, Spotify’s Global Head of Sports Content, in the Recode Media podcast this week, suggesting it’s part of their process (our bold): “One of the reasons we wanted to go to Spotify was they have an incredible war chest of intelligence on the habits of people who listen to podcasts, right? So if we like a certain podcast, we can actually go and see how many people are listening to it. If we feel like there’s a piece of kind of turf available, then that can inform — like who’s in that turf, who’s doing well, can we beat this, can we have a bigger audience than this.”

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RedCircleRedCircle is the only podcast hosting platform built for independent content creators. With RedCircle, creators don’t have to compromise independence to start earning more. Start to monetize today

Podcast News - with Post Script Media

Post Script MediaEverything is a climate story. Founded by two veteran climate journalists in 2021, Post Script Media makes podcasts at the intersection of climate with culture, politics, business, tech, and more. Learn more about Post Script Media

Hot ButtonsFrom Post Script Media: Hot Buttons is a show about the future of fashion and culture on a changing planet. Each week, Christina Binkley, Rachel Kibbe, and Shilla Kim-Parker unwind the breaking news, industry moves, cultural trends, and tech breakthroughs that are shaping sustainable fashion. The fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. Can we change it?

The Aftergrad PodcastThe Aftergrad Podcast has just published its fifteenth and final episode of season one, highlighting the fear and emotion that recent graduates feel when transitioning from university into the real world. The show is hosted by Robert Cain and Victoria Gilbert, who graduated in May 2021.

Mother Country RadicalsFrom Crooked Media, Mother Country Radicals won the prestigious Tribeca Podcast Award: Best Audio Storytelling in Nonfiction, following its world premiere as an Audio Storytelling Official Selection at the Tribeca Festival. All the winners are here.

Podland NewsIn Podland News this week, an interview from Ken Miller from new podcast app Fathom, where he talks about the secret for any start-up: Hot Impossible Magic.

Lords of Soccer“A corrupt cabal of football executives turned the beautiful game into an international con job”, according to Lords of Soccer, which is a new podcast from iHeartRadio and Inside Voices Media. The podcast looks at how corruption, racism, sexism, and greed have tainted global soccer and the World Cup for decades.

The Ron Burgundy PodcastHe’s kind of a big deal - The Ron Burgundy Podcast is back for a new season; and he’s in front of a live studio audience this time around.

New Podcast TrailersIf you like learning about new podcasts in Podnews, you can now get this section as a podcast itself. New Podcast Trailers is (are?) available in your favourite RSS podcast app.

Number one for podcasts on Jun 17, 2022

Apple Podcasts🇺🇸 US:The Seduction (NBC News) 🇳🇿 NZ:The Commune (Stuff)
Spotify🇺🇸 US:The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan) 🇳🇿 NZ:Sit With Us (Dom and Ella)

Pod Events - with The Creators, from Sounds Profitable

The Creators, from Sounds ProfitableSounds Profitable, in partnership with Edison Research, has put together the first credible study of the profile of podcast creators in America. This is an incredibly important benchmark in the history of podcasting and a data set that we intend to turn into a yearly franchise to track trends and changes in the creator space. Sign up to the webinar, free

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