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Making $10k a month from a side hustle sharing SEO tips, a content creation service provider, a lifestyle blog success story, appsumo review, and more...

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Today's guest interview on Niche Pursuits is here to drop some SEO knowledge bombs.

His name is Sandeep Mallya and he runs a content marketing agency and an SEO, marketing blog called 99signals as a side hustle.

The blog has over 200 in-depth articles, how-to guides, resources, reviews, and interactive content to help entrepreneurs and creators build, sustain, and grow online businesses. 

It makes him $10,000 a month. And for good reason because he really knows what he's talking about and shares lots of excellent advice in his interview today!

Here are some other interesting things he covers:

  • Book recommendations for entrepreneurs
  • The importance of content marketing
  • His content optimization strategy
  • How to use the SEO goal pyramid
  • His favorite approaches to link building
  • Content creation tips
  • How he builds his email list
  • His favorite tools
  • How he establishes authority
  • His advice for other entrepreneurs

What Sandeep shares today is great for beginner bloggers and seasoned vets alike. He goes beyond trying to inspire to give actionable advice to help others follow in his footsteps.

Check out the full interview with Sandeep Mallya here!

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A Site Management Offer from BrandBuilders

BrandBuilders’ site management service has helped numerous clients increase their traffic and sales. Want to see one of their clients’ sites?

Check out their case study for an in-depth look, and read below for some highlights!

A client had been in the affiliate marketing game for a while and was struggling with site health/speed and stagnating traffic.

Using their SEO tools and experts, BrandBuilders were able to pinpoint the issues with the site and apply a customized solution.

Plugins and manual changes were necessary to improve site speed, and the slow traffic required a two-pronged solution: adding new content, and updating old content.

To create high-ranking articles, BrandBuilders targets low-hanging, low-competition, and low-difficulty keywords. In order to give older articles a boost, they compare each article with the current top three articles for a given focus keyword.

Doing side-by-side comparisons allows them to determine the target word count, sub-topics, and features like images and videos to use in order to beat the competition.

With BrandBuilders’ help, the client saw a 291% increase in page views, a 44-point increase in mobile site speed, a 94/100 desktop speed rating, and a 17.6% increase in average time spent on page.

Interested in trying out BrandBuilders’ site management service for yourself?

They’re currently offering 20% additional content for the first 3 months of your subscription.

All you have to do is sign up before June 30th to take advantage of the deal!

How The Self-Made Sisters Behind A Beautiful Mess Grew to $5M a Year

Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson never set out to build a business empire; they were simply looking to do something that they loved.

However, these two sisters from Missouri got bit by the entrepreneurial bug pretty quickly. The little blog they created at their store to pass the time has now become one of the leading lifestyle blogs on the internet: A Beautiful Mess.

Find out more about the inspiring story of A Beautiful Mess here!

AppSumo Review: Is AppSumo Still Great or Should You Look Elsewhere?

It's not easy to start a business from the ground up. And usually quality business software to help you grow your business, isn't cheap. But, thanks to AppSumo, you can get lifetime deals on your company's tools without killing your budget.

It's not perfect but there are always some hidden treasures available to help! And in our fair and honest review we'll share with you our thoughts on the platform as it stands today.

Get our full Appsumo review here!

11 Untold Benefits Of Internal Linking (With Real Life Examples)

Why are internal links so important? Well, internal links help get users to the right content on your site faster. And they help Google understand the structure of your website.

They act as signposts, telling the search engine which pages are most important. All of this leads to better SEO for your website. But there's a lot more nuance to the subject and that's why we made this guide!

Click here to find out all about the benefits of internal linking!

Thanks for reading!



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  • Appsumo: Check out lifetime deals on all of the latest and greatest tools being released on the Appsumo marketplace.

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