Ahrefs’ Digest #153: Content audits, becoming the Tuna King, and more

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📰 News & updates

Bard can now find answers in your Gmail, Docs, Drive: Google’s AI chatbot can now answer questions based on the information it finds in your Gmail inbox and Drive storage.

Sep 2023 update rolling out with an improved classifier: ICYMI, a new Google update was rolled out on September 14. It will take about two weeks to complete.


How to do a content audit: Not everything you publish will be a home run. But you don’t have to leave these pages to die a slow, painful death. You can revisit them, figure out what went wrong, and take action to improve their performance. This is the content audit process in a nutshell. 

BrightonSEO U.K. fall 2023 presentation decks: Missed out on BrightonSEO? Don’t worry—Aleyda Solis has generously helped compile a list of presentation decks.

💻 Digital marketing

When I have a slower publishing cadence my blog grows faster: If Henrik Karlsson spends twice as long working on a piece, it does on average four times better. This makes sense: Writing faster is not good for thinking, and Henrik wants to optimize how much his thinking improves (not growth). Artisan > content producing.

The mundanity of excellence: Robert Greene: “Mastery requires boredom and tedium. It requires doing the same mundane things over and over and over. It requires sitting with the frustration of putting in work that doesn’t immediately pay off. It requires sitting with the torture of, am I going to spend sixteen hours reading this biography only to discover there’s nothing in it I can use? You have to be able to sit with boredom.” Jerry Seinfeld: “Your blessing in life is when you find the torture you’re comfortable with…Find the torture you’re comfortable with, and you’ll do well.”

Becoming the Tuna King: Yukitaka Yamaguchi is dubbed the “Tuna King” and is one of Japan’s most famous fishmongers. The table stakes of peak fishmongering include three hours of sleep a day, memorizing the menus of 1,000 restaurants, and being able to identify the origin of any tuna off a single bite. Trung Phan’s point is this: If you want to be good at something, you need to know the table stakes. When Trung analyzed a few prolific writers, he discovered the table stakes are a large volume of daily writing. (Connecting back to the previous article, you need to be able to do mundane things over and over again.)


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