Remote Work Junkie - Are Remote Jobs Declining?

From the data out there, the amount of fully remote jobs available is on a slight decline.

Mostly due to the hype of remote work popularity leveling out, employers taking a hybrid approach, and companies calling for complete back to the office. 

In the Ladders High Paying Jobs Report: Q4 2023, they looked at almost half a million job openings listed on its site from October through December. They found that for high-paying, fully remote jobs, availability fell 12%.  

In a different polling report from Morning Consult, fewer workers are working primarily from home these days and the share of those who are fully remote has been steadily declining.

And it also showed that hybrid work arrangements (some set schedules of a few days at home, some in office) are becoming more common. The amount of workers who say they never work from home has been trending lower. 

The good news:

  • There are more companies than ever with fully remote job opportunities than in previous years. Mostly in tech, but I’ve found job boards and LinkedIn to have more remote positions than when I previously was looking for work.
  • Remote work is here to stay and even if not fully-remote, more companies are encouraging a hybrid approach. It might not be ideal for everyone who wants to only work remotely, but any flexible option is still a win. The traditional 9-5 has evolved and will continue.  
  • Leaders of new companies are changing their approach to growing teams. These are people more open to hiring globally and remotely. So there are still businesses that will be primed to offer remote jobs in the future.

The bad news: 

  • The obvious one from above is that yes, the amount of fully-remote jobs are on the decline. It’s not huge dips, but a consistent and slow decline. 
  • More people value working remotely over the last few years, so now there are more people applying to remote jobs. we’ve seen hundreds to thousands of applicants on fully-remote jobs. It’s wild. 
  • During employer markets, the companies will have much more leverage in the job offerings. That means they may stick to in-office or hybrid, even if most talent is asking for remote. As they know they will still find people to fill those roles when people need work. 

So let's quickly recap as to what we see happening and the data with remote jobs declining:

  • Remote work popularity has steadied since the pandemic.
  • Hybrid work has become an increasing norm instead of fully-remote.
  • There has been an increased call for workers to return to the office.
  • It became an employer market, instead of a candidate market. Companies have more leverage than the jobseekers had in prior years. 
  • The overall job market in tech cooled down, which is a large industry that typically offers the most jobs that are remote. 
Does it mean finding a fully-remote position is impossible? Not at all. But it will require increased effort by jobseekers to have the best chance of getting an offer. 

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