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Break Free of Billable Hours.

Still freelancing and living project-to-project? Has your earning potential plateaued? Stuck wearing all the hats and doing everything yourself?

If you wish you'd never have to write a lengthy proposal again or take a client who doesn't value your work, then you're not alone.

Every freelancer hits these challenges at some point in their career. Even raising your rates and chasing after bigger fish won't get you where you need to go.

Maybe it’s time for a promotion.

Promotion? But self-employed web workers like us don't have a boss we can butter up for a promotion to the corner office with the higher salary. No. We’re on our own.

So in order to truly level up in your career and gain that freedom you've been chasing all these years, then you'll need to promote yourself.

That starts with making your transition from Freelancer to Business Owner.

Sure... That all sounds great.

But right now, you’re stuck paying the bills with client work. The time you spend with your family occupies whatever free time you have left. How will you ever make it happen when the cards are stacked against you?

Making that transition from hourly billing to a business that scales seems near impossible. So how will you do it?

Take The Path of Least Resistance

You can gamble your late-night weekend hours on an unproven idea for an app... Or chase the hottest "passive income" opportunity, only to launch to crickets...

Or you can take the pragmatic approach to building a scalable business:

A productized service.

It’s the smartest and most efficient path to leveling up as a business owner, without risking the farm. A productized service has an incredibly low barrier to entry, the shortest runway to profitability, and a proven path to scalability.

And once you've established your productized service business, you're perfectly positioned (and well-funded) to expand. Whether that means growing your line of products or optimizing your business to give you the freedom and ownership you deserve.

But it all starts here. You working to change your business for the better.

Stop taking on any project just to keep the lights on. Start focusing what you do and who you do it for. Then streamline, systematize, and automate it to run itself so you’re free to focus on the bigger picture.

No matter where you take your productized service, one thing is certain: You will have finally earned your promotion from Freelancer to Business Owner.

And with that promotion come these perks:

  • Scalability
    Create a service model designed for growth. Earn more as your business grows.
  • Own an asset
    Build a business that not only pays the bills, but grows in value.
  • Remove yourself
    Design systems and automation so your business can run without you.
  • Focus on the big picture
    Work "on" your business, not "in" your business.
  • Get paid, even on days off
    Detach your work from your time. Create a business that produces on its own.
  • Steady, reliable income
    End the feast and famine cycle for good. Grow your baseline income month after month.

How I Productized my business. Twice.

A few years back, I made my living as a freelance web designer, selling my time for money and living project-to-project. I was comfortable enough (or perhaps lucky enough most months of the year). But I knew this wasn't sustainable.

After years of trial and frustration, something clicked: I finally figured out that customers not only need the tools, but they need it done-for-them too. That’s when I transformed my SaaS into a productized service.

I built systems that enabled me to delegate all of the work to my small team. It even got to the point where I was spending less than 3 hours per month on this business! Then in 2015, having built a valuable asset that runs itself, I was able to sell the business for my first six-figure exit.

Then the question was, what’s next?

The choice was obvious: I went back to my playbook and launched my 2nd productized service business, a marketing company called Audience Ops. And within it's first year, it went from 0 to $30K in monthly recurring revenue. By it’s second year, it grossed more than half a million in annual recurring revenue. Today it has opened the door to a line of new products.

Every step of my journey has been self-funded and powered by the Productized Service model.

And so, I've taken what I've learned (and picked the brains of others too), and built my flagship program for folks like us:

The Productize Course & Community

Learn and level up with the definitive course and community for Productized Service owners.

The course includes:

  • 30+ self-paced video lessons
  • Ready-to-use templates and worksheets
  • Guided lesson discussion
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, lifetime
The community includes:
  • Private, members-only Slack
  • Private, members-only Forum
  • Mastermind group matching
  • Get feedback
  • and more...

Success Stories

Here's what some of our members had to say:

“Within days of starting Productize I already sold my first customer on my done-for-you service! This beats negotiating costs, being paid hourly, and client nit-picking. I’ve already saved so much time now that I'm streamlining, outsourcing, and creating passive monthly recurring revenue.” -- Katya

“I read plenty of business books, but I still couldn't break away from the traditional full service agency model. In Productize, Brian connects all the dots into a step-by-step process that can be rapidly tested. It's like launching a SaaS but without the heavy investment and risk. I recommend Productize every day.” -- Santiago

How much? How and when can I join?

I'm glad you asked :) Click the link below and I'll send all of the info you need. I invite you to join us today :)

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I hope to see you inside!

Brian Casel
Productize & Scale