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Brex: The Future of Business Banking and Cash Management
When Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi joined the YC W17 batch with an idea for a VR startup, they quickly encountered a problem. They had applied for a business credit card to help fund software and other expenses and were denied. Business credit is traditionally underwritten based on the founders’ FICO scores. As international founders with less than a month of credit history, their chances of getting approved were slim to none, despite having $125K in the bank.

Watch 30 founder pitches from YC’s GTM Jobs Expo
Y Combinator hosted our first 
Go-To-Market Jobs Expo in March, and we’re now posting the founder pitches on Work at a Startup. At the event, 30 fast-growing YC startups shared more about their companies and open roles.

YC Companies Looking for Summer 2021 Interns
With summer just around the corner, YC startups have projects that could benefit from the help of industrious student interns. Over 20 startups have posted open positions on YC’s Work at a Startup, which range from engineering to marketing to sales and more.

Coinbase from YC to IPO
Today, Coinbase has gone public. We are proud to say that Coinbase is a Y Combinator company and a member of the Summer 2012 batch.Co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong applied to Y Combinator on March 29, 2012 and began the batch a few months later. According to the Coinbase YC application, the  company was initially named “Bitbank” and had not been launched; however, Brian mentions in his application that he built one of the first Android apps for bitcoin as a side project.


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