$80k Per Month with Twitter?! How this business has rapidly grown

How can you grow your online business using Twitter? And what are the best SEO practices for ecommerce brands?

Last month we had Keval Shah join us on the blog for a written interview on how he grew his eCommerce SEO agency using Twitter. The agency is called Inbound Pursuit, and they’re at $80K per month in revenue and still growing.

His story interested me so much that I decided to get him back, but this time it’s for a podcast interview that you can watch or listen to here.

We go a lot deeper in the podcast than we did in the earlier blog post. Keval shares his background and gives us more details on how he used Twitter to rapidly grow his SEO agency.

He shares the SEO tactics he uses to rank eCommerce sites including:

  • The actual strategies he’s using today
  • Link building tactics for eCommerce websites
  • Best content practices
  • How to organize pages and categories for best effect

It’s an interesting interview, as we don’t hear about eCommerce SEO as much as we do niche and authority site SEO, so it’s good to talk to an expert.

Whether you have a shop on your site or not doesn’t matter, there are plenty of takeaways for all in this interview, so make sure you check it out here.

Systeme.io - A Free ClickFunnels Alternative

On Monday I told you a little bit about Systeme.io - an all-in-one email marketing software, funnel builder, platform for online courses, and much more.

I want to remind you of their new FREEMIUM plan, which wasn’t available the last time we did a review of them (read the review here).

They require no credit card to sign up, and you will get access to 90% of their premium features. It means that if you’re just starting out with your online business there’s no expense for a whole suite of powerful business tools.

Even if you decide to go with a paid plan in the future, the top-level plan at $97 per month is the same price as the entry-level tier for a product like ClickFunnels. It makes Systeme a much cheaper OR free ClickFunnels alternative.

Systeme.io is for small and large businesses alike. They have companies doing many hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue per month powering their entire business with this software.

Head on over to the Systeme.io here to sign up for your free trial today.

20 Popular Blogs And What Makes Them Successful

I’ve just published a new post featuring 20 popular blogs in their respective niches, along with how they are monetized and what they appear to be doing well.

Generally speaking, they are all doing the following or have these features:

  • creating/publishing good content in their niche
  • the site is well designed and attractive to the target audience
  • the site is monetized well
  • their SEO game is on point

One of the sites we’ve highlighted is Farmhouse On Boone - it’s a very popular mom blog and YouTube channel that is monetized very well.

The owner seems to be doing everything well from great video and blog content with exceptional videography and images, and she’s monetizing her audience with courses and affiliate offers.

Check out the other 19 websites we’ve featured and learn from those who have built high authority sites that are getting good traffic.

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