I've got some exciting news to share today :)

ZipMessage, the new product I've been focused on this year, is now out of "early access" and open to anyone to sign up! 🎉


On a personal note, I must say, compared to all the products I've launched before, ZipMessage feels... Different.

The response from our early customers has been incredible. It wasn't obvious to me when I started, but it makes sense now: We're all communicating remotely with our customers and teammates. But text-based tools like Slack and email lack the quality of "face to face" element.  And live Zoom calls are a drain on everybody's energy.

ZipMessage provides the quality of video communication, with the space and flexibility of asynchronous (i.e. not live!).

In fact, I find that my ZipMessage conversations are better than Zoom calls. With space to consider and prepare a response, we each can contribute the best we have to offer, without feeling like we're put on the spot.  My collaborators love it.  My customers love it.  We're so much more productive this way!

My small team and I have been refining the product with new features all year long.  It's come a long way!  And we're still only in year one...

Some favorite parts of ZipMessage, so far:
  • Record your screen, camera, mic, and/or text.
  • Your own mailbox URL (Sorry if your name is Brian.  I grabbed that one 😉 👉 zipmessage.com/brian )
  • Automatic transcriptions
  • Slack integration
  • Message templates (think, "canned responses")
  • No downloads, zero-friction for anyone to respond
If async conversations on your thing, then I invite you to try ZipMessage :)  Then let me know what you think!

Check out ZipMessage »

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Brian Casel