But smart processes do work... I'll explain.

First, the TL;DR:

I created a video course called Process Automation for service companies.

It's free.

Process Automation for Service Companies »

Why processes don't work.

So you want your business to be more predictable.

You've been told to "just document your processes".

But you've tried that and it turns out, that's not enough. Your team doesn't stick to the process. And even when they do, your clients don't!

Or there's an unforeseen delay. Or not every project is exactly the same. Or someone missed something. Or there's a global pandemic...

As it turns out, a basic, static process document doesn't actually help your business run any smoother or more predictably. It probably just adds to you and your team's frustration.  

You feel like your business should be more process-driven. But for whatever reason, you're still pulled into the weeds. Your team still wings it on every custom project. You still don't see a path to doubling or tripling your business.

Is it even possible for a client services business to run a predictable, process-driven operation?

Yes. But it requires a new approach.

Enter: Smart processes.

A smart process not only gets used on your real-world projects, but it can actually adapt to the twists and turns that each unique project might take.


Automations :) Using smart automations like dynamic date rules, conditional logic ("if this, then that") and powerful integrations, your processes can do things like:
  • If the client is late on sending their assets, let's nudge them along.
  • Once a kickoff call has been scheduled, adjust subsequent task dates accordingly.
  • If someone purchased our gold package, task our team with delivering the extra bells and whistles that service plan calls for.
  • If a project's date is pushed back, let's auto-recalculate other tasks this might impact.
Just to name a few ideas...

Putting this stuff together takes careful design.  So I wanted to put together a resource to help you design your process-driven business the way I would.

It's my best course on designing processes.

Process Automation for Service Companies »

It's a 12-part video course where I show you how to make your service business actually become more process-driven using ProcessKit (the software I designed to solve this problem).

Follow along with my example-based lessons, which are available on video as well as text+images tutorials.

Oh and—This is the type of course I would normally charge for this one is available for free :) 

Dive in here:
Process Automation for Service Companies »

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