Hey there — My work on ZipMessage (my newest product) has been moving fast so I thought I'd touch base with an update!

  1. I'm looking to hire a "Media Creator" and a "Technical Marketer". Know anyone?
  2. ZipMessage now integrates with Slack!

I'm looking for a "Media Creator"

What's a "Media Creator"? Think: Podcast show runner, video producer, story teller, co-host, interviewer, and all-around media creator.

But really, I'm looking for a collaborator. The way I'm thinking about this new company I want to build is this:

We're a media brand that happens to sell software.

So I'm looking for the person who will lead up the media side of this business. I see this as incredibly important role for the right person.

Could you help me find this person?
And of course, if it sounds like you, please apply :)

I'm also looking for a Technical Marketer

This 2nd role will work hand-in-hand with our Media Creator and myself to drive our content distribution and SaaS marketing efforts.

This is a part-time, ongoing retainer. It's ideal for someone who has technical chops (SEO, PPC, CRO, analytics, marketing automation, etc.), and wants to experiment with creative ways to grow an audience as both a media brand and a SaaS company.

Here's the job description for this role.

Again, shares or referrals are welcome :)

ZipMessage now integrates with Slack

My newest product, ZipMessage, is off to a fantastic start. I'm sending invites weekly, so be sure to request your invite if you haven't already.

Last week, we released our official Slack integration. It lets you 2-way sync ZipMessage conversations with your threads in Slack.  Here's a video showing it in action.

Every week, the product is getting stronger, faster, and more enjoyable. It's now my go-to for all my async video conversations.

Want to drop me a message? Here's my ZipMessage mailbox:  https://zipmesssage.com/brian

Here's to a semi-normal summer ahead!

Brian Casel