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Can anything stop MK8D?

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Issue 256 — November 07, 2021

Shin Megami Tensei V

Hello, issue #256 of Switch Weekly here, with this week's Nintendo round-up.

Quick intro from me today as I'm just a little pressed for time. Hope you're doing well. The highlights this week include new Switch sales data, the Animal Crossing DLC arriving a touch earlier than expected, and reviews for Shin Megami Tensei V dropping.

As for next week, we've got over 25 games coming to the Switch, including an old game intended for release on the Atari Jaguar back in the 90s that is finally seeing the light of day. The full list is below as ever, and the biggest release is without doubt the aforementioned Shin Megami Tensei V.

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REVIEW Shin Megami Tensei 5 - a brutal RPG that goes all-in on battles of attrition — A rather middling review for this long-awaited RPG. Hirun notes it has "great combat, but a paper-thin plot that disappoints". Adam Vitale at RPG Site was notably more keen on it, saying the "new direction may not suit everyone's expectations for the series" but, "Atlus has returned to the franchise with an ambitious fifth entry".

Hirun Cryer // VG247

Switch nears 93 million sales but Nintendo has cut its annual target — New hardware and software figures from Nintendo reveal the Switch is closing in on 100M, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is now the series all time top seller, surpassing the Wii entry (it's also now Nintendo's third best selling game ever). We also learnt that over 32 million folks are now signed up for Switch Online. 

Tom Ivan // VGC

INTERVIEW Metroid Dread's creator on life among the Metroidvanias — A chat with series creator Yoshio Sakamoto.

Scott Stein // CNET

INTERVIEW Demon Turf: TikTok, Beebz, and making a platformer that works for everyone — A chat with the creators of Demon Turf (which is out now) to talk about how this 'devilish' platformer came about over the course of three years. I've linked a review below too.

Jade King // The Gamer

REVIEW Demon Turf is a stylish platformer but the devil’s in the details— "looks fantastic and its platforming mechanics are brilliantly satisfying, but it's let down by boring combat and occasionally confusing level design".

Chris Scullion // VGC

REVIEW Unpacking — "a calming, enjoyable journey through time that is as satisfying as it is self-reflective. Much like every object you unpack, this game itself is simple and unassuming at face value. The sentimentality you choose to attach to it, however, is up to you". 

Andrew Searles // Vooks

REVIEW Legend of Tianding — "a great example of the 2D action, platforming genre ". 

Jaz Sagoo // Vooks

REVIEW Stilstand — "The feeling of being stuck emotionally and maybe favoring isolation is a common theme that many can relate to given the last 18 months we have all experienced. [..] Stilstand is a brief, yet powerful story that is well worth taking the time to check out.". 

Roland Ingram // Nintendo World Report

REVIEW Circa Infinity — Sharing this review quote purely because it's a real tongue twister: "The constant trickery of its concentrated concentricity is confoundingly circular, but once you’ve bought into the premise, it makes perfect sense"

Roland Ingram // Nintendo Life

REVIEW Popeye — Avoid this mess of a game at all costs 

Jonathan Balofsky // Real Otaku Gamer

Sakurai discusses the future of Smash In the latest Famitsu magazine, Sakurai discusses the possible future of Smash, this is a translation of that very interview.

PushDustIn // Source Gaming

From a half-genie to a certified smasher: The success behind Shantae

Brett Posner-Ferdman // Nintendo World Report


🎮 Upcoming Releases

All releases are digital, Europe & U.S. unless otherwise stated. 
Release data sourced in collaboration with Switch Scores.
⭐️ = Ones to Watch | 📦 = Physical release | 🎮 = Demo available

Monday, November 8

Tuesday, November 9

Wednesday, November 10

Thursday, November 11

Friday, November 12

  • A Pretty Odd Bunny — 2D stealth platformer about a rabbit who likes eating pigs. M for mature.
  • Gynoug — Face evil creatures as a winged soldier in this 90s side-scrolling shooter.
  • Hoplegs — QWOP-esque platformer.
  • Pukan, Bye-Bye! — A challenging puzzle platformer.
  • ⭐️📦 Shin Megami Tensei V — Long-awaited post-apocalyptic RPG set in Tokyo. M for mature.
  • Venus: Improbable Dream — Visual novel focused on mental health/identity. M for mature.

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