This year for my 2021 Black Friday deal on Productize, I wanted to offer something new and special.  

I'm calling it "Async Coaching". I'm offering it this week only and won't offer it after that.

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I haven't been able to offer my 1-to-1 coaching on Productized Services in years since I've been busy working on my business. I still get lots of requests for coaching though.

So I decided to offer a limited-time, light coaching option that I'm calling "Async Coaching".

Now that we can use ZipMessage (that's the new product I built and launched this year), a perfect use case for it is asynchronous coaching conversations! I can't wait for you to try it out with me :)

Here's how it works:

1. Shortly after you purchase, I'll send you an email with a private link.

2. You click that link to access our private conversation on ZipMessage.

3. Then you can record your first message to me. Record using your camera, share your screen, or go audio-only. You can type a text message too. All right there in the browser, nothing to download or install.

4. I'll receive your message and then I'll record my response back to you!

5. We'll go back-and-forth this way for a couple days, up to 1 week total.

6. You'll keep access to that conversation and all of our recorded messages. You can download and keep those message videos too.

Use our "async coaching call" to ask me anything about your business, productizing your service, feedback on your website, processes, software tools, or ask me anything else! It's all private, you and me.

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I'm offering this option for this week only, up until Monday, December 6th, 2021.  We can have our async call any week during December 2021.

Brian Casel
Productize & Scale