Photography Side Hustle Turns Into 7-figure a Year Website!

Have you ever wondered whether you could turn your hobby into a successful side-hustle?

How about a million dollar PER YEAR PROFIT business?

Well the good news - great news rather - is that it is possible.

And our guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast today is proof and is here to show us how he made it a reality.

His name is Cole Humphus and by day he worked in corporate finance. At night and in his free time he built a photography content site.

Eventually, through a diverse array of traffic sources, he expanded his blog into a money-making machine generating 7-figures a year (which he covers in his interview).

He later sold the site and now makes a healthy living advising like-minded entrepreneurs just like us how to reach the same level of success.

And today he's here to share some of these amazing tips with the Niche Pursuits community!

There really is a ton of great stuff covered including:

  • How a conversation with a friend caused his jaw to drop and inspired him to teach his skills online
  • Building an audience through content
  • Making $135,000 in the first year selling courses on the blog
  • What Ryan Deiss said to him to change his life
  • How he scaled the blog to reach seven figures for multiple years
  • The importance of not just relying on organic traffic
  • Using and scaling paid ads
  • Building a brand
  • How to best serve the visitors to your website
  • Tactics to get leads to use Facebook messenger and email.
  • Advising Jarod (our host) on what to do with a cleaning blog to increase revenue online (A role play dummy experiment during the call)
  • What's working with paid ads today
  • Leveraging other experts to help with business growth

He really is an inspiring guy and his story is incredibly motivating.

If you ever wanted a boost of energy to help propel your business, this one's for you.

Check out the full interview with Cole Humphus right here!

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Hope you're having a great week!

Thanks again,


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