🤔 A New Authority Site Doing A Lot of Things Right

Here's a site I came across a little while back.

It's called The Creative Folk and it's a site about 'arts and crafts' in perhaps the broadest possible sense.

Some of their categories include quilting, origami, painting, jewelry making, woodworking, and a whole lot more.

It's just under 3 years old and has seen a good steady rise with no major drops in traffic from updates. Plus the traffic is mostly from the US and UK.

It's also 'AN ELITE CAFEMEDIA HOME/DIY PUBLISHER' site so it's on AdThrive with over 100K in monthly traffic.

This is all great stuff but what I like most about this site is that a lot of it's top pages are for competitive affiliate keywords in its different sub-niches.

Just look at their top 3 pages according to Ahrefs:

All of these products (except for maybe paint) are minimum $100. So these pages are hopefully bringing the site owners a nice profit.

And they also seem to be winning from some pretty simple, easy to apply content and SEO tips.

For example:

Notice how these top 3 pages are affiliate list posts using an odd number of 7 to attract eyeballs on the SERPs.

Then within the articles they also make sure to bold certain words and phrases. And are at least attempting to snag the featured snippet with bolded paragraphs like this:

They also do a good job of covering much of the topics on these pages to rank for related keywords.

[One thing I would recommend though is that they add a table of contents and rearrange their h2s so that the main topic (list of products) appears near the top. Or at least highlights and links to the top choice after the intro.]

I also like that they don't always list the most expensive item as their top pick. Even if they don't actually use each product, this does a good job of establishing trust with readers.

Overall, I'd say this site is doing a lot of things well and are likely reaping the rewards.

And if you'd like to do the same - you may want to check out our recently updated step-by-step guide on how to build a successful niche site!

New Listings Available on Motion Invest

Just over 1 and a half years old, this is a site in the audio technology niche that's ranking for some good buyer intent keywords.

The site has seen a drop in traffic since the December update but still ranks for close to 5,000 keywords.

With the passionate, die-hard audience in this niche, this could be a great opportunity for the right person to come in, change some things around and make a great return.

Get more details here

Closing in on 2 years old, this BBQ site is ranking for almost 10,000 keywords with some good buyer intent one sprinkled in.

Theres also a nice balance of content with the top page only bringing in 8% of the traffic. And the site is currently mostly monetized via Amazon with lots of opportunities to expand into other monetization methods.

With summer just around the corner, a well-optimized BBQ site could get a lot of interested visitors.

Get more details here

Babies are not just adorable - they're also a great niche. And this site has a ton of potential for the right buyer.

With a good, brandable domain name and a decent SEO foundation, someone will be able to come in and make some easy changes for quick results. (For example: There are 14 Amazon links that do not have an affiliate tag.)

Get more details here

How Much Money is 1 Billion Views on YouTube Really Worth?

Looking to monetize with YouTube? Well one way YouTube content creators earn income is by monetizing their videos with ads.

Generally speaking, a creator that is a member of the YouTube Partner Program can expect to earn anywhere between $0.24-$4 per 1000 views. However, there are a lot of other factors that influence how much you can make on YouTube.

So find out more about how much money you can expect from YouTube here.

That's all for now.

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!


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