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4/7/2022 1:54:27 PM

[Crew Review] SEC probes Amazon’s use of 3P seller data

Victories After Congress requested the DOJ to look into Amazon's alleged use of third-party seller data for its own advantage, the Securities and Exchange Commission is doing the same. What does
4/28/2022 1:54:50 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon launches new “Shopify killer” feature

Expansion Amazon just announced Buy with Prime, a new feature that extends Prime benefits to shoppers beyond Some are calling it the “Shopify killer,” while others predict it to go the way
5/26/2022 1:55:05 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon updates Buyer Requested Cancellation policy

Initiative Amazon just rolled out changes for buyer requested cancellations, and sellers now have to check more places to make sure they don't miss a notification. As with most Amazon announcements
6/23/2022 1:54:27 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon braces for labor shortage as Prime Day nears

Ramping up According to a leaked memo, Amazon is running out of people to hire for its warehouses, as competing companies are offering higher salaries and better working conditions. This shortage
7/21/2022 1:54:29 PM

[Crew Review] Why we call it the Cockroach Method

EcomCrew Premium Is Open Finding the perfect product to sell on Amazon has become impossible—at least without running into endless competition in every category. However, EcomCrew Premium has developed
7/28/2022 1:54:27 PM

[Crew Review] Trucker protest delayed our shipment. How 'bout yours?

Resistance AB5, or the gig worker law, is meant to protect the labor sector and ensure they receive their proper benefits. This is done by making it mandatory for companies to classify some independent
8/4/2022 1:54:32 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon pauses more warehouses as its online ad sales grow

Pivot After its blistering expansion over the pandemic, Amazon has delayed or canceled dozens of warehouses all over the country largely due to overcapacity as demand cools. On the flip side, its
9/15/2022 1:54:28 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon now lets you email repeat, recent, and high-end customers

Amazon Accelerate, the company's biggest seller conference, kicked off yesterday, with the introduction of new tools and services aimed at helping sellers succeed on the platform. Among them, a
9/22/2022 1:54:36 PM

[Crew Review] How secondhand Amazon seller accounts are used for fraud

An investigation reveals how the underground market for secondhand seller accounts is being used for fraud and to sell dodgy products. What is Amazon doing about it? Amazon Top Terms We did the math
10/13/2022 1:54:31 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon continues to struggle despite “Prime Day 2.0”

Unflattering results from its recently concluded Prime Early Access Sale has seemingly forced Amazon into a wave of frugality—shutting down more warehouses, halting key programs, and imposing a
10/20/2022 1:54:30 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon extends UPS returns “experiment”

Last month, Amazon announced it's allowing customers to use UPS to return seller-fulfilled items for a limited time. The “experiment” was supposed to end on October 2, but it's now been
10/27/2022 2:54:28 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon slashes storage limits again

Several Amazon third-party sellers have reported that their inventory storage thresholds were reduced by 10% to 25%. It's rather odd since the company announced it has excess storage because of
11/24/2022 2:55:26 PM

[Crew Review] Fake Amazon discounts

EcomCrew Premium will officially launch tomorrow with our biggest sale ever! Those on our waitlist will get a better deal with an additional discount on top of the Black Friday rate. Sign up for the
12/8/2022 2:54:27 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon scammers target Best Seller badge

Don't miss out on our last public webinar of the year. Ian Sells from JoinBrands will show you how to effectively work with TikTok influencers and inspire customers to say something about your
12/1/2022 2:54:29 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon’s biggest Black Friday yet?

Despite inflation woes and fears of protests, Amazon saw a record-breaking Black Friday weekend this year, which more than likely reflects sales performance for third-party sellers on the marketplace.
11/4/2022 1:54:29 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon offers new capital source for sellers

In trying to support small- and medium-sized businesses, Amazon is offering a new merchant cash advance program that allows sellers to scale fast with additional capital. Is there a catch? Amazon Top
10/6/2022 1:54:27 PM

[Crew Review] Amazon extends holiday returns window (again)

Amazon announced it would temporarily extend its returns window for the holidays (again). This time, it covers purchases made between October 7 and December 31. Of course, this has sellers worried