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ActiveCampaign has officially acquired Postmark. 

Although Postmark will remain a stand alone product its functionalities, such as design and the ability to send automated transactional emails will be integrated so that users no longer have to move between two applications.


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With brands that emit strong trust signals. 

Established brands work hard to build and maintain their image. 

Let's imagine you did a collaboration with Cannon. Potential customers will now feel more at ease buying from you because you're associated with a trustworthy brand. 

Here's the thing, the collaboration will only work if you choose the right counterpart: A brand that offers something complimentary to your offering.

Brand collaborations include gift guides, product collabs and giveaways.


On the other end of the spectrum an easy way to get your brand noticed is through controversy. Take a stance on a hot topic and you'll naturally attract attention. They say there's no such bad thing as bad press but be prepared to risk polarising some of your customers. 


Do you sponsor or organise community related projects? Highlight these in your omni-channel strategy. Something as simple as handing out bottles of water at a charity run can strum up a lot of good will from current and prospective customers. People value companies that care about people.


Empowering brands with our free brand spotlight



This week at the Kickoff we hosted special guests Gensen, Sam, and Mason. We talked about Gensen and Sam’s trip to Vegas for the NFL draft. We also got into the nitty gritty of email deliverability and mindset. How do you take care of your mental and spiritual health in order to achieve success? We’d love to hear from you! Post in our #mindset channel.


Unfortunately this week we ran into several issues with the Startup Booster session. But here at Furlough we never miss an opportunity to innovate. Turning lemons into lemonade we will be launching a new vetting process for Startup Boosters as well as our Brand Spotlights. This will ensure that guests receive the maximum value for their time, while respecting the time and efforts of our panelists.


Taking a more collaborative and freestyle approach to the Mastermind this week we brainstormed together in a Google doc about potential prospects to bring into the Furlough community. We’re talking agency’s, service providers, experts, and brands. Do you know someone who fits the bill and would be a perfect fit for Furlough? Reach out to one of our community managers and let's make it happen!



Meet the 20 year old agency owner and resident social mastermind for Furlough, Benamin!

Specialising in social growth for creators, youtubers and brands, Benjamin's goal is to make the growth process automated for clients by taking care of their entire content management strategy. 

Sounds awesome right?

But the road to success wasn't linear, just like so many entrepreneurs...

Before Benjamin hit his stride he spend a year completely broke and failing experimenting with various business models. 

If you're out there grinding and nothing seems to be working take this advice from Ben:

"I kept going and I'm so happy I did. I think my biggest message would be to keep trying no matter what. Essentially, throw a lot of shit at the wall and eventually something will stick."



Start your week off right! Join the Furlough team kick-off at 2 pm EST to get the roadmap for your upcoming week. Meet accountability partners that’ll hold you to your goals.


Startup Booster

Do you know what it takes for a Startup to become a successful business? Come check out this week's Startup Booster with Audit Your Store (a tool built to boost your conversion rate & increase your revenue).



Ask anyone that’s reached the highest levels of success, they couldn't have done it alone. Check out this week's Mastermind session hosted by Joe Casanova, to gain the insights you need to move the needle forward.


Brand Spotlight

Are you a digital marketer? Come check out this week's Brand Spotlight sessions for a chance to listen in on some of the communities professionals as they provide value to brands.


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