Marketing Junto | Why There Should Be Humanity In Marketing

Marketing Junto | Why There Should Be Humanity In Marketing

I was on a call earlier with a client. He was having trouble with his ads and appealing to his target marketing to download a free eBook. One thing led to another and in the end it came down to telling a story and why his product was needed for his target market.

People like stories. If the stories are good they see themselves in the stories. If they miss the mark, they don't and they click away.

This goes for marketing in general as well. Making your message resonate with your target market ties into the target customers' sense of humanity and worth.

This is exactly why marketers should focus on making their ads have more humanity and tell a relatable story.

When a person can relate to the story you tell and sees that there is thought and consideration behind the messaging it is much more powerful than a generic, and/or flashy, superfluous advertisement.

What do you think? Hit reply and let me know!

Web Finds

  • The State of Link Building Report 2022
    Link building is an necessary part of SEO and getting found online. This is a comprehensive report put out by Aira and Paddy Moogan on the state of the practice in 2022. It's in depth and a must read.
  • Why Schema Needs To Be A Graph
    A rather geeky post from the gang over at Yoast on Schema markup and how to properly use it. It really gets into the weeds, but is very interesting all the same.
  • Internet Explorer, star of Windows, dies at 26
    IE was once the dominant browser on computers. It caused Microsoft so much headaches in the late 1990s and early 2000s with antitrust investigations. Now with the mantle of biggest browser being held by another juggernaut, Google, with Chrome, its time to see IE go off into the sunset. Time to poor a little out for IE.
  • Google, Apple, and Amazon Stifle Innovation When They Favor Their Own Products
    Rand Fishkin the co-founder of Sparktoro and earlier Moz, has always been outspoken about how he thinks big tech stifles innovation by favoring their own products. He recently wrote about it in Sparktoro and it got picked up my John Oliver of Last Week Tonight. Wowza!
  • Adobe plans to make Photoshop on the web free to everyone
    Though this headline is a little link-batey, the fact that Adobe is going to let most people use the core features of Photoshop on the web for free is HUGE. But let's not forget it's not completely free. It's freemium. So take this news with that in mind.
  • Attentive launches Concierge SMS product
    Call me old, but I don't like SMS marketing. I hate getting marketing SMS messages. I don't like having a conversation with a bot via text. I might be in the minority, but that's me. But, regardless of my feelings, the fact that Attentive is making the customer journey easier through SMS is pretty cool.
  • How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death
    Windows has their BSoD (blue screen of death), WordPress has their WSoD (white screen of death). This has happened to me plenty of times, and when it does, it's unnerving. This article from the people over at Elegant Themes gives some great tips on how to fix the issues that result in the WSoD. It's worth a read.
  • #30 – Matt Mullenweg on the Future of Technology and Where WordPress Fits In
    Nathan Wrigley is a great host of many podcasts. The one he does for WP Tavern is superb and in episode #30 he talks to co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic Matt Mullenweg on where WordPress is going with the new technology coming out.
  • How Gen Z Relates to Brands [Infographic]
    An interesting infographic about how brands need to pay attention to Gen Z and focus on how Gen Z interacts with brands.
  • YouTube Reports that 1.5 Billion Users Now Engage with YouTube Shorts Content Each Month
    The 2nd biggest search engine's short form video clip feature has taken off exponentially. This is a space to watch and participate.
  • How to measure topical authority
    Another great post from SEO great Kevin Indig. This one is on topical authority and like everything Kevin writes, it's a must read and will help you get a grasp on getting better rankings in search.

Podcast Find Of The Week

PR Talk with Amy Rosenberg of the Veracity Agency puts out a regular podcast where she talks with industry professionals and gives practical public relations advice. PR Talk is also a fellow podcast on the Marketing Podcast Network. Amy's energy is infectious. It's a must listen.

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