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Hi again, it’s been a busy few weeks so I have a bunch of great stuff below.

Have an incredible week.


My friend & artist Hayley Labrum Morrison was interviewed (article)

I love Hayley’s work, one of the few artists whose original art I’ve purchased:

“Much of her work explores the veneer of perfection that religious faith engenders. The visual marks of religiosity and compliance, such as garments worn underneath one’s clothing, are evident in Against the Skin (in Bondage) (2022) and I Know Not, Save the Lord Commanded Me (2022), which depicts an outstretched hand donning several CTR rings.”

Some readers of this newsletter probably won’t be comfortable with all of it, but that’s okay!

The difference between a great person and a median person (tweet)

Still one of my all time favorite tweets: “the difference between a great person and a median person is that they’re in contact with divinity like 2% of the time vs 0.01%”

Move Faster (tweet)

“Move faster. Slowness anywhere justifies slowness everywhere.

2021 instead of 2022. This week instead of next week. Today instead of tomorrow.

Moving fast compounds so much more than people realize.”

Bill Simmons on How I Built This (podcast)

You always hear Bill talk about sports, but I think he’s just as good as a businessman/founder/entrepreneur.

Bill gets pretty open about what drives him, why he’s still working, the difference between working for a big company and starting your own thing, etc.

Halo Top Ice Cream founder on How I Built This (podcast)

Another great How I Built this episode…

The guy sounds way more casual than I expected. Caveats, precision, things you wouldn’t expect from a founder of an extremely fast growing company in my experience. (Though I’d love to hear about more counterexamples if you have them)

David Card on writing controversial papers (tweet)

Basically if your data shows someone’s entire world view is wrong, you better make sure you’ve made it so rigorous that while they won’t agree with you, they can’t find anything obviously wrong.

Manifund Mission Statement (article)

Manifund helps people regrant, from their mission page:

“Regranting is a method of giving money whereby a charitable donor delegates a grantmaking budget to different individuals known as “regrantors”. Regrantors are then empowered to make grant decisions based on the objectives of the original donor.”

Tyler Cowen interviews the owner of the Comedy Store (podcast)

Made me smile when he said he was afraid of raising prices.

The perfect cold VC email (according to David Sacks, Keith Rabois, & Jason Lemkin) (tweet)

It turns out different human beings have different preferences.

Obama’s career advice for young people (tweet)

“Just learn to get stuff done”

Spot on. If you can actually do things, people will be begging you to work with them the whole day long.

Or said differently: “hire people who tick stuff off the to-do list, not the people who add stuff to the to-do list

Tyler Cowen interviews Paul Graham (Podcast)


The Pequod (blog)

Incredible book review site.

4,789 books reviewed by one single guy between 0 - 10.0

Here’s his list of top rated book.

A few random thoughts on Oppenheimer (tweet)

Comparing then to now

Blumhouse’s Secret Formula For Making Hit Movies (article)

This is good advice for anyone in any industry!

Step one: consume as much information as you possibly can.

How the iMac saved Apple (article)

I’ve consumed various retellings of this story dozens of times over my life and it still inspires me.

Steve Jobs is the best test for Great Man Theory, because if he hadn’t rejoined the company in 1997 Apple would probably no longer exist. Instead, Apple is now the most valuable company in the history of the world, and the iPhone has literally transformed how we live our moment-to-moment lives.

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