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If Your Marketing Isn’t Clear, Your Business Will Fail • Brands That Understand This One Simple Strategy Will Rule in 2024 • The 5 Things I Do to Optimize My Article Images for SEO • Want To Grow On LinkedIn? Ditch Company Pages • 5 Unexpected Factors That Could Impact Your Marketing Strategy • 9 Copywriting Tips That Turn Words Into Dollars • I spent 60+ hours analyzing onboarding emails for 127 SaaS trials. This is how the top SaaS retain users. • How My E-commerce Company Has Used Personalization to Build an Email Marketing Channel With a 55 Percent Open Rate • 14 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Product Pages for SEO • Announcing Our Next Public Challenge: Doubling Our Agency
Sunday January, 2024

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9 Copywriting Tips That Turn Words Into Dollars
Megan MahoneyJan 18

​​Most copywriting tips focus on small tweaks or rather obvious concepts. While these basic tips are a good starting point,...

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I spent 60+ hours analyzing onboarding emails for 127 SaaS trials. This is how the top SaaS retain users.
Esther-Grace OkonkwoJan 17

“We have 0% customer churn.” – said no SaaS marketer ever. Instead, what I hear all the time is: “If only we could keep growing without churn growing with us.” “If only we could get new trials to actually USE the product, they’ll see how great it is.” And even …

How My E-commerce Company Has Used Personalization to Build an Email Marketing Channel With a 55 Percent Open Rate
Devanshi Garg SareenJan 19
Learn how a focus on personalized retention marketing helps Devanshi Garg Sareen manage high acquisition costs and succeed in a crowded market.
14 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Product Pages for SEO
Sam UnderwoodJan 18
Optimized product pages enhance the user experience and rank better for long-tail search terms, which typically have lower competition and high commercial intent. This is vital for ecommerce because users searching for specific products are usually further down the sales
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Announcing Our Next Public Challenge: Doubling Our Agency
Benji HyamJan 18
Over the next 2 years, our goal is to double the size of our agency — and we're going to be documenting our journey on YouTube.


8 naming strategies ✍️
Ali AbouelattaJan 16
How to name a new product? A research study on the top 100 App Store apps.
Rabbit Hole 🎩
Shannon SankeyJan 19

AI devices, marketing podcasts, and more.

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Mastering Intrigue: How to shoot video that doesn't suck
John Jantsch | YAP Media NetworkJan 18
In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Steve Stockman, a seasoned producer, writer, and director with over 200 commercials under his belt. His expertise spans various mediums, including web series, films, music videos, and TV shows. The discussion revolves around his book, How to Shoot Video …
Tim Stoddart & Ethan Brooks: From 0 to 150k+ Subscribers In 7 Months
podcasters.spotify.comCopyblogger Media LLCJan 16

The Milk Road grew from 0 to 150k+ subscribers in less than seven months. On this week's throwback episode, Tim Stoddart (⁠@timstodz⁠) and Ethan Brooks (⁠@damn_ethan⁠) dig in to show you what you can learn from their content, growth, and monetization strategies. Tim also breaks down …

Now With More Fake Comments
John Wall and Christopher PennJan 19

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about the LinkedIn Algorithm, fake comments, Apple Vision Pro and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: Miro and The Generative AI for Marketing Course from Trust Insights How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works AI generated comments (aka turds) Fixing Email …

What happened in Marketing & Advertising last week? (Too much)

Top 6 Updates of the Week: Microsoft Ads launch new tools to create Instant Banner Ads using AI . TikTok shares non-skippable video ads may harm engagement, User control matters. Meta to eliminate more interests from their detailed targeting Ad Options, again. IKEA launched a fake brand to trick influencers and media into promoting them. Snapchat expands their In-App parental tools, updates to Parental Control. Youtube shares new tips and launches new Shorts editing tools. #TikTok 🎶 TikTok split its measurement partners into Cross-channel and lift categories. TikTok reveals its Creator Class graduates, trained by the platform about brands & marketing. TikTok shares new brand marketing tips for 2024 summer games. The new test feature ‘add to story’ is similar to iG allowing post reshares to Stories. TikTok launches chrome cast feature to view videos on the big screen. TikTok music introduces a new feature to import music from other platforms. TikTok implements new restrictions on Hashtag Search in Creative Center. #Instagram & Threads 🗂️ Instagram strictness content policies and increases protection measures for Teens. Threads accidentally rolled out a new option to filter search results based on recency. IG is testing a new feature allowing you to create stories for friends. Instagram plans to focus on creators driving teen engagement. New ‘Fitness’ sticker in testing for IG Stories. #Meta 😅 Annalect and Meta form closed-loop measurement partnership to access first-party data. New Mexico Department of Justice files new lawsuit against Meta for placing Ads next to content sexualising minors. Meta presses new orders to stop the FTC from Implementing teen user data restrictions. Meta’s new disclosure requirements for Digitally Altered Ad Content are now live. WhatsApp launches new feature to turn your photo into stickers. #X (Twitter) 🕹️ X plans to launch feature to upload video content for premium subscribers only. X is removing NFT profile pictures, the hype dies. X partners with Shopify again to plan upcoming product launches for merchants. New partnership with IAS on Vertical Video Ad Placements. More Search filters are coming to Mobile. Premium users can now post jobs on X. X announces new creator partnerships for video content. #Youtube 🕹️ Podcasters can now upload to Youtube via RSS. New updates to Harassment and Cyberbullying policies. Youtube extends its war against Ad-blockers with more site slowdowns. #Google 🔦 Google Ads support is at an ‘all-time low’, google answers why. Google Alters purpose of SpecialAnnouncement Structured Data. Google announces a new round of lay-offs for teams working on Google Assistant. Google crawl rate tool is now gone. Google updates the auction insights box within the Google Ads console for Pmax. New update TO AdMob & Adsense program policies. The list of features being removed from Google Assistant. #Agency News MGM Resorts name MischiefUS as Creative AOR for all of their brands. GroupM partners with Amazon Ads to offer cloud marketing insights. Havas relaunches Converged promising a better AdTech solution for cookie-less world. ASOS appoints VaynerMedia as global strategic media agency. Accor selects Saatchi & Saatchi as global strategy and creative agency for Ibis brands. Samsung appoints Quality Meats for US Home Entertainment Creative account. Oatly selects Blurred PR consulting agency to lead UK-wide comms. Stagwell acquires Influencer agency Team Epiphany. Idris Elba’s agency launches debut Ad campaign against Knife crimes. …

I tried for four months to work as a social media manager and got replaced by someone 10,00 times better and now I feel hopeless

Firstly, I wanna say that I feel genuinely like I have hit rock bottom. This is the absolute worst I have felt in years, and I am hoping people take that into consideration before they call me stupid or something. Secondly, just to preface, I am a 24 year old finishing out their final quarter at college, getting a degree in business and marketing. I frequently attend a small business (a video game bar and card store combination) and was excited to overhear the owner of the store talking about how they need someone for social media management. I'd been trying to get some "relevant experience" to put on a resumé, and thought that this place would be the gig for me to try out what I thought I'd learned in college on running socials for a brand that is relatively pop-culture centric. I (thought) I'd learned enough about brand identity and market segmentation and stuff to try out working on their social media accounts. I was extraordinarily wrong. Almost everything I have learned so far has been pretty much worthless. I tried figuring out my market segment for the audience I was attempting to reach, I tried figuring out strategic campaigns but found it was really, really fucking hard to do that, I tried keeping up with the workload (admittedly while also working as a part-time student) and found that it is way, way more than I thought I would have to do, I tried being receptive and responsive to new trends but found I am out of touch with a lot of social media trends, and I tried to be as faithful as I could to the brand image but was repeatedly told that a lot of the visuals and whatnot I was generating were not good enough. So to summarize, I suck at being able to tell who I am supposed to be reaching with my content in the first place, I tried working things out the way I was taught in organizing campaigns but found that's really hard and not reaaaaally how social media works, I got exhausted by the workload, found that I know nothing about trending social media, and was told I am shitty at graphic design and content design overall. In comes new dude, a guy who has 80k followers on Instagram, and 1.3 MILLION on tiktok, who will be taking over both sides of the business. This person instantly generated content that got waaaaay more engagement, made sense, and looked overall much much better than anything I'd done in the past almost half-year. That feels really, really fucking bad. How do I even begin to learn from this experience? I failed at every aspect of my job (except making like memes or whatever, and anyone can do that) and was replaced by a person who has vastly more knowledge about a topic (social media marketing) that I know nothing about. It feels like I've simultaneously figured out that I not only know nothing about the thing I thought I wanted to do, but I also have spent tens of thousands of dollars and multiple years learning about it and still know nothing after getting a worthless "marketing" degree. Does anyone have any advice? I know that's a lot to read but I truly feel the most miserable I have in years and have no idea what to do

I had the worst performance review of my career after the most successful year

Hi! I’m at 31 year old marketing project manager working at a small ad agency. Our bread and butter clients are global tech companies. I had my annual review with my manager and received a 3.9/5. This year was a big year for me and my contributions lead to significant cost savings and increased revenue, all while leading the most high profile project our agency has ever seen. I’m feeling stuck in my career and frankly questioning my ability to be good at my job. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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