I was having a conversation with one the members in my Productize community, and something he said really stood out to me.

He was responding to my question, what do you see as your biggest challenge right now? Here's what he said:

"Well, something to sell (other than my time)."

That reminded me why I chose to productize my business in the first place. I was tired of writing proposal after proposal, every time reinventing my service to fit the particular needs of every new client. And I'm hearing the same thing from everyone I've been talking to.

By positioning your service as a product, you can say goodbye to writing proposals and estimates for good. That's because a productized service gives you something to sell — and that's your vehicle to growing your business to the next level.

I wrote today's article to get to the bottom of this:

Having Something To Sell »

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Brian Casel
Productize & Scale