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Uh oh, Revolut's in trouble with its earliest ex-employees; they've been told they'll be charged to sell their shares in an upcoming secondary sale, while current employees won't have to pay a penny. More on that situation below, and:
  • Beams, the new hot social audio app
  • Why great technological change comes with great responsibility
  • Amazon aggregators; risky business?


SCOOP: Revolut faces backlash from ex-employees after charging “extortionate” fee to cash in shares

The $33bn fintech is in a spat with some of its earliest employees over how they convert their equity into cash.

Revolut alumni have been informed they'll face a 2.75% charge on an upcoming sale of their shares, while Revolut's current employees will be able to sell their shares for free.

Ex-employees tell Sifted they feel short-changed, and are demanding transparency about where that fee will go.

Isabel Woodford has the juicy details.

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Founders, you're about to change the world. Don't mess it up.

Computing, biology, new energy technologies and novel manufacturing techniques are improving at exponential rates — and will soon transform sectors of our economy.

That, thinks writer and podcaster Azeem Azhar, could get pretty messy. 

Here's why.

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Meet Beams: the latest hot social audio app 

Forget Clubhouse, it's all about Beams now.

The app, which lets users record themselves speaking on a particular theme and then invite others to weigh in on the discussion — asynchronously — has seen impressive growth. It's stacked up 10k monthly users and landed $3m in funding. 

Is this the next big thing in the creator economy? Miriam Partington finds out.

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🤔 Amazon aggregators; risky business? A troop of companies that acquire small businesses selling on Amazon have seen huge investor interest in Europe recently ($1.1bn worth of funding went into Europe’s aggregators in a single day earlier this month.) There is, however, a riskier side to this game, writes the FT’s John Thornhill.

🕵️ Employee surveillance. 18 months since the beginning of the pandemic, working from home lives on. As a result, surveillance software companies — which keep tabs on home office employees — have seen increased demand. Will work from home monitoring become commonplace in the long run? The Guardian reports.

🤑 Megadeals, what’s happening? Megadeals — deals valued at £50m or more — have become increasingly frequent in the UK. In 2011, just five deals were above that threshold. Fast forward to 2021, and we’ve already seen 51 in the first six months of the year. Where are investors splashing their cash? This new Beauhurst report digs in.


How's your impact startup doing?

Sifted, in partnership with the BMW Foundation, wants to hear how impact startups — by which we mean companies committed to making a positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns — are faring in Europe.

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Changing the players, not the game: How emerging investors use their money | September 16
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