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Artwork by Cheng Peng.

Hi Friend-

After wrapping up my recent nine-month long community project, Radiate, I’m taking some time out for a sabbatical in New Mexico as I begin work on a new book project. 

If you missed it last week, I dropped a new Hurry Slowly episode — an interview with Kamal Kapadia, the co-founder of, an online school for climate action. We had a lovely conversation about building communities of care and getting out of the climate doom cycle. If you haven’t already tuned in, check out my interview with Kamal here.

In addition to my usual roundup, I’ve decided to share links to a few healers and visionaries that I’ve been working with lately in case they might be of service to you as well. 

Sending you warmth,
Artwork by Cheng Peng.

Listen to a masterful interviewer at work. I’ve been making my way through the recent “best of” interviews from the Design Matters podcast that Debbie Millman is sharing to celebrate the launch of her fantastic new book, Why Design Matters: Conversations with the World’s Most Creative People. If you’re still a stranger to Debbie’s podcast, you don’t have to be a designer to love it. Debbie has been interviewing creative folks since 2005… before podcasts existed! And she is truly one of the greats when it comes to the art of interviewing. I particularly adored this conversation with legendary performance artist Karen Finley as well as her interview with the dynamic duo of Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach.

The archetypal journey from maiden to motherhood. If you can handle a little woo-woo, this conversation from Tami Simon on the Insights at the Edge podcast with Sarah Durham Wilson was revelatory. In short, it’s about how our culture tries to keep women stuck in an immature “maiden” role rather than stepping into the full gravitas of motherhood (which is not about having babies, it’s about owning your power). An excerpt: “When patriarchy took over and destroyed the goddess and really vilified her and vilified women, what we also lost when we lost goddess culture is we lost earth religion, rites of passage, the idea of our seasonal reality that we have, just like the great mother, we have a spring and then we have a summer and we have a fall. We stay in spring. The spring becomes plastic and stuck. We stay little girls. We don’t move into mother. And that’s also due to the severance, the loss of the mother culture, the matriarchal culture.”

Democracy and the power of connection. In my own recent interview with Sherri Mitchell, an all-time favorite that will be dropping next month on Hurry Slowly, she mentioned Francis Moore Lappé, a food and human rights activist who I wasn’t familiar with. So I went poking around and found a wonderful interview with Francis from Bioneers. Here’s a taste: “I realized the story of scarcity being told when I was becoming an adult was the dominant frame. It was based on the idea of limits, that scarcity is everywhere and we’re all separate. It really put people in this competitive fight over lack. There’s not enough, so I’ve got to fight for mine. And the dominant theme today is still that there’s not enough to go around and therefore we have to scramble to get ours, but I realized that the reality is there is more than enough, if we shift our worldview from separation to one of connection. This was the heart of what I call the eco-mind, moving from the three Ss of scarcity, separation and stasis to the three Cs of connection, change and continuous co-creation.”

On resonance: caves, hooves, hearts, harps, and the birth of culture. I also recently stumbled on a new podcast called The Emerald: Currents and Trends through a Mythic Lens, hosted by Joshua Michael Schrei. This recent episode on "resonance", and how the universe operates according to the principles of harmony at every single level, was particularly striking. So striking that it led a friend of mine to host a magical event in complete darkness in a secret cave so that we could explore music, singing, and our full resonance inside of a natural structure. This podcast has a rather dramatic mood, but there's tons of insight to be had if you can roll with it. ; )

As mentioned above, I would like to share my love of, and links to, a few healers and visionaries who I've enjoyed working with in case their magic might be useful to you as well.

André Blas is an inspired tarot reader who works with my favorite deck, The Motherpeace. We've done many sessions together, and I always walk away with an inspiring new vision. He does remote and in-person readings for individuals, couples, and brands. 

Jenn Sokolov, the founder of Tenth House Health, is an incredible craniosacral therapist. I've been working with her around a difficult, ongoing health issue and have experienced some pretty dramatic shifts. She does in-person work in NYC and upstate NY as well as remote sessions.

Kristen Houser at Fauna Speak is a magical animal communicator. My partner and I recently did a session with her and our three pets that was eye-opening, moving, and surprisingly funny. (My cat summed up my entire personality in one sentence.) She's based in California and does remote and in-person sessions.

Rich Mhlanga, the founder of Massage Beyond, is an amazing massage therapist, whose work was fundamental in my journey to come back into my body. (I interviewed him on Hurry Slowly here.) He does in-person sessions in NYC and, believe me, it's as much therapy as it is massage.
Artwork by Cheng Peng.

The colorful artwork is from: Cheng Peng, who is based in Shenzhen, China.

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