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The 4 Quadrants to Manage Long-Term Customer Value • Propensity Model: How to Predict Customer Behavior • Is The #WritingCommunity on Twitter Dead? • How to Prepare for and Excel in the Biggest Product Marketing Speaking Event of Your Life • Pros versus Cons of Quality-Quantity Writing? • How to Build Trust in Relationships with Content Marketing • How to become a copywriter this year (without any experience) • 6 Instagram Story Ideas for Your Next Post • Local SEO: The Complete Guide • SparkToro’s Year 2 Retrospective: Can Chill Work, Alternative Funding, and an Indie Approach Scale?
Sunday May, 2022

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How to Build Trust in Relationships with Content Marketing
Brian ClarkApr 28

You’re likely learning how to build trust in relationships, because know, like, trust are the three things that fuel content...

The post How to Build Trust in Relationships with Content Marketing appeared first on Copyblogger.

How to become a copywriter this year (without any experience)
Jessica NoelApr 29

Want to become a copywriter this year? This how-to guide gives you the exact steps to take if you want to make copywriting your new career.

The post How to become a copywriter this year (without any experience) appeared first on Copywriting for startups and marketers.

6 Instagram Story Ideas for Your Next Post
Tamilore OladipoApr 28
In order to get the attention of the massive audience for Stories, you’ll need to get creative. We’ve put together some great uses we’ve come across that you can apply to your next Story.
Local SEO: The Complete Guide
Joshua HardwickApr 29
But what is local SEO, how does it work, and which ranking factors matter? In this guide, you’ll learn how to rank your business on local search to get more customers through your door. Local SEO basics Local SEO keyword
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SparkToro’s Year 2 Retrospective: Can Chill Work, Alternative Funding, and an Indie Approach Scale?
Rand FishkinApr 28
Two years ago today, at the nerve-wracking start of a global pandemic, we launched SparkToro. Since then, we’ve learned a lot, and uncovered plenty of unanswered questions, too. As is tradition, I’ll try to share the good, the bad, and the interesting in the hopes it can help other entrepreneurs, …


Ali AbouelattaApr 26
Today’s Issue is brought to you by: Bigin by Zoho CRM: The simplest CRM solution ever! Bigin is the only CRM solution in the market that is built specifically for small businesses, trusted by over 7500 global customers which include startups, solopreneurs, and creators
Conversion Conversations
Victoria KellyApr 28

Gather 'round the campfire for conversion talk! Plus a little pop quiz 🤓

The post Conversion Conversations appeared first on Carney.


[BEST OF] How to Use Marketing Stunts to Get Noticed
https:Louis GrenierApr 26

Tony Award-winner Ken Davenport has produced a long list of Off-Broadway and Broadway shows. He's also known for his innovative marketing stunts, and we delve deeper into these during the episode.


Tap on this link to access show notes+transcripts, join our private community of mavericks, or sign up to …

3 Steps For Creating The Perfect Recruitment Strategy
In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I'm doing a solo show where I'm covering a topic that is very high on a lot of business owners' minds and that's the idea of recruitment and retention of your internal customers — your employees.

Links to resources: 

Marketing …

A Brilliant Way To Automate Ad Sales
Copyblogger Media LLCApr 27

On this week’s episode, Tim Stoddart (@timstodz) and Ethan Brooks (@damn_ethan) show you how Josh Spector automated thousands of dollars in ad sales each month for his newsletter, For the Interested. You’ll also learn about a creative new business model called “Sponsorware,” and how you …

Now with More Bane
John Wall and Christopher PennApr 28

In this Marketing Over Coffee: In this episode learn about Clean Rooms, MUM, Organizational Amnesia and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors:Terminus and LinkedIn Roku Clean Room Mobile App Data Tracking on iOS up to 25% 6:17 Terminus – the marketing platform for efficient revenue …

Here’s What Happened last week on Social Media ( Marketer’s Edition)
  • Instagram is updating its ranking algorithm to put more focus on Original Content.
  • Snapchat Added 13 million new users in Q1 2022 more than both Twitter and Facebook.
  • Twitter is reportedly working on a vibe check feature.
  • Google is Introducing new options to reject tracking cookies in Europe after receiving …
Opinion: Head of Marketing/Head of Growth is one of the most underpaid positions ever

context: I have 8+ years of experience here as a founder, head of growth, and marketing consultant.

Sorry, small rant but I am stunned these days with the job requirements from companies for any sort of head of growth/head of marketing position and feel they are severely underpaid (even …

Paid a Marketing Agency, ZERO results. What to do?

Seeks advice from seasoned professionals. I paid a marketing agency 10k for lead generation and appointment setting. I have a new small business. Most customers have come via word of mouth. I decided to use this agency (they do Facebook and IG ads) to pick up steam a bit faster. …

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Aazar Shad @Aazarshad

I have a degree in marketing.

But I have learned more about marketing from reading these books.

10 books to help you master marketing:

1.1kApr 28 · 7:01 AM
Matthew Kobach @mkobach

What’s something a boss told you that has stuck with you your entire career?

554Apr 28 · 4:38 PM
Amanda Natividad @amandanat

I tried being friendly & upbeat. But I was called "too junior."

I tried removing "I think," from my vocabulary. But I was called "too direct."

Now I do whatever I want — joke, ask questions, state opinions — and it works.

I wish it didn't take me so long to just be myself.

87Apr 27 · 8:04 AM
Matt Navarra @MattNavarra

Google has expanded its policy for removing your personally-identifiable information from search results

You can now request removal of:
- your phone number
- your email address
- your physical address
- your confidential log-in credentials…

175Apr 27 · 11:48 AM
hiten.eth @hnshah

Startups used to be called businesses.

48Apr 30 · 1:38 PM
Daniel Murray @Dmurr68

Amazing customer service is an underrated marketing tactic.

30Apr 29 · 7:28 AM
Aleyda Solis 🇺🇦 @aleyda

For an upcoming preso:

What's the top SEO question that is asked to you by clients/boss/stakeholders for which you tend to answer with an "it depends"? 😶‍🌫️

(Expect a quote/appearance in the deck!)

PS: #seomeme by @izzionfire 😎

39Apr 27 · 5:51 AM
Andrea Bosoni @theandreboso

Solo founders with no money to spend on ads can still build a traffic machine by committing to write one hour every single day.

17Apr 29 · 2:43 AM
Nik Sharma @mrsharma

Landing pages are hands down the one thing everyone who drives any amount of paid media to an e-commerce site should absolutely use.

Not using a LP with today’s paid media competition, data/pixel/privacy challenges, & platform bugs, is like driving a car without a steering wheel

22Apr 27 · 6:30 AM
Katelyn Bourgoin ⚡️ @KateBour

I spent 5 hours writing a thread that I thought was gonna crush... that didn't really take off

I deleted it and will rework the hook/flow and post it again next week

Marketing is a humbling profession

7Apr 29 · 11:16 AM
Rand Fishkin @randfish

First requested in 1997, this handy rape & death-threat prevention feature only took 25 years to launch

BreezyScroll @BreezyScroll

Users can now request the removal of their personal information from Google search results…

52Apr 28 · 3:28 PM
Alex Garcia 🔍 @alexgarcia_atx

Landing page tip: Use a value x objection formula to write an effective headline.

Here's how:

- State the value creation
- Tackle the objection that prevents the value creation

Example: Webflow

17Apr 27 · 6:00 PM
Lenny Rachitsky @lennysan

Can you do me a favor and report this account that's trying to imitate me?

🚨 @_Lennysan 🚨 <-- Not me

(Pretty good job of it too, lol)

2Apr 29 · 12:10 PM
Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd 📧 @ecomchasedimond

I am insanely excited and nervous as can be.

After many months of working on our email design-builder, we're finally going live in private beta on Friday.

We've come a long way and can't wait for what we continue to build.

Send me your best!

9Apr 27 · 8:39 PM
Blake Emal @heyblake

Seeing your friends win is the best feeling

8Apr 30 · 6:53 AM
Ross Simmonds @TheCoolestCool

Marketing 101: Make it easy for your customer to see themselves using your product.

16Apr 30 · 4:52 AM
April Dunford @aprildunford

Can't stop thinking about this billboard trying to recruit me into a fancy golden golf warrior cult.

2Apr 29 · 7:05 AM
Joel Klettke @JoelKlettke

*copywriter giving a tour of their house:

“And this here is my screaming pillow”

6Apr 28 · 5:27 PM
Brian Clark @brianclark

I always tell people that I don't really care about how may people follow me on Twitter. What I do care about is all the cool new people I've met on this platform lately. Focus on real relationships, that's what matters.

3Apr 30 · 1:44 PM
Taylor Lagace @TaylorLagace

The average brand spends up to $500K on influencer marketing.

What if your brand could get more content & more engagement for a LOT less?

Steal our strategy and start getting better results.


4Apr 27 · 4:43 PM
JH Scherck @JHTScherck

One of my favorite new habits is writing a note to the whole team at the end of every month that covers:

- what we've done
- what we are doing
- where we are going

Here's the intro with the top half of the "what we've done" section:

2Apr 28 · 12:49 PM
Wil Reynolds @wilreynolds

Next time someone asks you how big your company is, remove "just" or "only" in front of whatever you say. We need to stop allowing our revenues, headcounts, etc be a badge of honor/dishonor.

4Apr 28 · 10:51 AM
Kristen LaFrance @kdlafrance

Nobody has re-branded as well as the weed industry...

"Adults aged 55+ are the fastest growing demographic reporting cannabis use in the US."

Somehow the industry turned its' biggest haters into its' biggest buyers.

Has anyone studied this deeply? I'm curious. 🍃

0Apr 30 · 7:28 AM
Miles Beckler @milesbeckler

Here’s the million dollar biz plan:

1- Publish content to help your audience find what they’re searching for

2- Build an email list w/a lead magnet that gives results in advance

3- Promote offers to help them get outcomes they seek

4- Persevere through the learning curves

7Apr 28 · 8:38 AM

Thanks for reading!

Have a great week. 🤓

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