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5 Great Linktree Alternatives With Unique Features • 6 Tips to Become a High-Performing Revenue-Driven Marketer • Revenue Marketing: An Emerging Marketing Career Path • This New Substack Feature Can Get You Ahead of The Game • Chief Evangelist: Why Your Brand Needs One • 10 Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques • Do countdown timers even work? Understanding urgency in 2022 • How We Offer Async Training To Our Fully-Distributed Customer Advocacy Team • 14 Universal Digital Marketing Skills You Can’t Ignore • Capitalize on Waitlist Momentum
Sunday May, 2022

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10 Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques
Brian ClarkMay 5

Want to use persuasive writing to convince your readers to do something or agree with your point of view? OK,...

The post 10 Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques appeared first on Copyblogger.

Do countdown timers even work? Understanding urgency in 2022
Anna SaraynaMay 4

Countdown timers can be an effective sales email tactic when used in moderation. Here are some tips for best results in your email campaigns.

The post Do countdown timers even work? Understanding urgency in 2022 appeared first on Copywriting for startups and marketers.

How We Offer Async Training To Our Fully-Distributed Customer Advocacy Team
Jess WilliamsMay 5
At the beginning of this year, we had a chance to explore new asynchronous training ideas for our remote team. Here's how we formatted it and encouraged participation.
14 Universal Digital Marketing Skills You Can’t Ignore
Mateusz MakosiewiczMay 6
The sooner you start to learn those “universal” skills, the better—because those skills act as investments. They will pay off nicely when you work your way toward becoming an expert in a given field or when you switch to another
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Newsletters Capitalize on Waitlist Momentum
Ali AbouelattaMay 3
A twist on traditional waitlists mechanics
Content with Your Content?
Victoria KellyMay 5

This is what it sounds like when doves cry and content needs help.

The post Content with Your Content? appeared first on Carney.


[BEST OF] Take F*cking Risks: 3 Ways to Get Noticed
https:Louis GrenierMay 3

This episode gives me so much energy every time I listen back to it. Ad agency founder Paul Mellor and I discuss how to make your brand noticed by taking some f*cking risks.


Tap on this link to access show notes+transcripts, join our private community of mavericks, or sign …

The Role Operations Plays In Marketing

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Sara Nay. Sara is the COO at Duct Tape Marketing, Co-Founder at Spark Lab Consulting, and host of the Agency Spark Podcast.

Resources Mentioned:

Lexi Grant: Can You Sell Your 5-Figure Biz?
Copyblogger Media LLCMay 4

On this week’s episode, Tim Stoddart (@timstodz) and Ethan Brooks (@damn_ethan) talk to Lexi Grant, founder of They Got Acquired. Lexi is a media pro who’s started and sold several businesses. Her newest company highlights entrepreneurs who sell for $100k - $50m. The trio talk about …

Talking Measurement with Katrina Wong
John Wall and Christopher PennMay 6

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Katrina will change the way you think about how you measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: Terminus and LinkedIn Shout out to Greg at CloudKettle The Importance of the 360 Degree View of the Customer …

Here’s what happened on Social Media in April 2022 (Marketer ’s Edition)
  1. Tiktok expanded its caption limits from 100 to 500 Characters.
  2. Reddit Updates Search tools, Now you can search User Comments. “Comment search is here”.
  3. Pinterest Announces New Partnership with WooCommerce to Expand Product Listings.
  4. Google’s launched ‘multisearch’ feature that lets you search using text and image at the same time. …
Do Americans perceive work done by US citizens as higher quality compared to work done by foreigners?

I'm not from the US so I don't know. Does the average American appreciate more an online service (web design for example) if it's done by another American compared to an Indian, for example?

How does the service provider's nationality affect the perceived value of the service? Higher if it's …

The agency I work for manually pulls metrics from ads to build reports for clients. There has to be a better way - HELP!

The marketing agency I work for is innovative in some ways and in other ways they are not. When it comes to monthly reporting, we are pulling all metrics manually from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and paid ads without using any third party software like Supermetrics to make this process a …

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Amanda Natividad @amandanat

Well, this is a first.

Andrew plagiarized one of my tweets to promote his product.

I called him out and didn’t get any sort of apology.

Just blocked.

32May 03 · 10:30 PM
Matt Navarra @MattNavarra

WhatsApp reactions rolling out today 👍❤️

63May 05 · 3:29 AM
Matthew Kobach @mkobach

All-natural mood boosters that work almost instantly, and last throughout the day:

• 45 minute walk
• Getting out in the sun
• Deep work on one task
• Reading for 20 minutes
• Fasting the previous night
• Doing a high intensity workout
• Having a meaningful conversation

49May 05 · 4:58 AM
Andrea Bosoni @theandreboso

I feel like we don't talk enough about how long it really takes to build a profitable online business.

I know a lot of guys who've been launching things on the side for 3,4,5+ years and have nothing to show yet.

9May 05 · 11:24 AM
Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd 📧 @ecomchasedimond

You don’t sell clothing, you sell comfort & style.

You don’t sell sneakers, you sell performance.

You don’t sell cosmetics, you sell beauty.

You don’t sell the product, you sell the benefit.

39May 04 · 2:30 PM
Katelyn Bourgoin ⚡️ @KateBour

My baby has a chest infection and can’t go to daycare again

My husband is recovering from spinal surgery and can’t lift him

I have a deadline and need to work my butt off today

Wish me luck 🍀

2May 06 · 3:30 AM
Taylor Lagace @TaylorLagace

5 simple steps to implementing your first TikTok Spark Ad with an influencer.

We’ve worked with over 100,000 influencers and we’ve already made the mistakes you need to avoid on TikTok.

If there’s a single thread that has the potential to make you 7 figures, it’s this one.

57May 06 · 3:31 PM
Nik Sharma @mrsharma

You will never lose anything by giving other people the credit they deserve!

21May 04 · 8:02 AM
April Dunford @aprildunford

I'm in Sweden on business and everything is gorgeous in a kind of clean & kinda rustic way. Like, this is the most Swedish bread basket ever - look at this thing.

2May 04 · 11:14 AM
Ross Simmonds @TheCoolestCool

Every podcast starts with 0 downloads.
Every substack starts with 0 subscribers.
Every Twitter account starts with 0 followers.
Every YouTube channel starts with 0 subscribers.

Just start.

24May 05 · 4:08 AM
Rand Fishkin @randfish

Even most Americans, are good, caring, thoughtful, and empathetic. When my overseas friends ask "what the #$%^ is going on over there?" the answer isn't that everyone's awful, it's that we have an extended period of minority rule.


According to the Pew Research Center's polls, 37% of Americans want abortion illegal in all or most cases.

But an even bigger fraction — around 6 in 10 Americans — think abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

20May 07 · 10:28 AM
Aleyda Solis 🇺🇦 @aleyda

No More "It Depends" - Learn to Set your #SEOCharts! My deck from #LondonSEOMeetupXL

* In Slideshare:…

* In Speakerdeck:…

Let's start sharing our #SEOCharts to build a Knowledge Base 🤩🙌

27May 04 · 2:54 AM
Daniel Murray @Dmurr68

Content creators make creating content look easy. When in reality, it’s hard.

I launched The Marketing Millennials FIRST newsletter today.

It made me respect creators who produce long form content consistently.

Shoutout to all the amazing content creators out there.


17May 05 · 12:49 PM
Lenny Rachitsky @lennysan

Last three people to join Lenny's Talent Collective 👀
▪️ Senior PM at Twitter
▪️ Technical PM at Amazon
▪️ PM at YouTube

3May 05 · 1:20 PM
Blake Emal @heyblake

You don't have to build a company from scratch.

Start a newsletter.

Let that become a website.

Build a consulting offer based on the content.

Productize the service.

Small steps can flow into a full company.

6May 07 · 6:53 AM
Aazar Shad @Aazarshad

Unpopular opinion:

Copywriting skill is more powerful than tools & coding.

We are always looking for a tool that enables growth.

Learn to write, then you learn to persuade, entertain, and educate.

Writing evokes emotions. Emotions drive action.

12May 04 · 6:18 AM
Pe:p Laja 🇺🇦 @peeplaja

Product I need and would pay for: Personal CRM that pulls data from LinkedIn, Twitter and my email

E.g. who are my 1st level connections on LI that I have actually DMd with or exchanged emails with?

Everyone has a massive connection list, but a small % are legit relationships

0May 05 · 9:27 AM
Tim Soulo 🇺🇦 @timsoulo

Some 10 years ago I was reading SmartPassiveIncome and picking up the latest SEO tricks from @PatFlynn's case studies.

Here I am in 2022, a guest on the SPI podcast sharing what works in SEO today:…

It's fun to have come full circle with Pat :)

1May 05 · 2:00 AM
Kevin_Indig @Kevin_Indig

Inflation is skyrocketing
Housing market is tight
Hot war in Europe
Supply chain crisis
Global pandemic

And the US is thinking about changing abortion laws 🤦🏻‍♂️

How is this a priority right now? And how about we just leave it where it is?

1May 04 · 6:50 AM
Joel Klettke @JoelKlettke

Ah yes I can see the copywriting coaching world is still a bizarre hellscape

0May 05 · 3:39 PM
JH Scherck @JHTScherck

Content like this scares me a bit. Once more technical folks realize they can basically just write about their day to day + their tech stack and monetize it, they are going to absolutely crush the content from brands that's clearly biased and promotes only their solution.

3May 05 · 6:32 PM
Brian Clark @brianclark

Step by step. Drip by drip. Overnight success is either a rarity or an illusion.

4May 05 · 2:57 PM
Jay Acunzo @jayacunzo

Coming up on 200 episodes of @UnthinkableShow.

What should I do for it???

0May 05 · 7:46 AM

Thanks for reading!

Have a great week. 🤓

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